Does it bother you when your FP bag ends up in the outlet?

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  1. So I waited and waited to get a bag I really love. i saw the Madison sequins audrey and had to have it. I got it with a PCE so I was very excited. Now what like 3 weeks later and it's in the outlet. Of course I will have to constantly call to score one and take mine back (paid with gift cards so I would want to use them again) then go and repurchase it and hope if it's on hold they don't give it away. And I go to the Aurora outlet and we know how their SA's can be with telling you if they have something when you call. So what do you ladies do? Go through all the mess to get an outlet bag ( cause then i could hold on to the outlet one and return and repurchase once there is a coupon) or just keep what you have and be our a hundred or hundred and fifty dollars. I don't even know if I want to keep it now. I know I will buy a different one but that will end up outdated in a couple months as well. I didn't like spending as much as I did on a Coach and now I feel like I paid too much on an outlet bag. Is it just me?
  2. I've bought a bag only to find it at the outlet, I just got the raisin Kristen satchel and I am sure it will be at the outlet shortly after I break her in! I personally don't buy bags I don't love, and I buy using PCE, so it doesn't effect me. Maybe if you got four or five bags with your PCE, but you got one you loved! However, I have seen this discussed before and know that most of the comments will be FP bags shouldn't go to the outlet so quickly!
  3. I'm seriously getting ready to jump ship on Coach.
  4. I never buy unless I have PCE or find a great delete. Deltes are only 5% more of a discount that PCE which isn't much so it doesn't bother me. If there is no additional 20% off cupon at the outlet then I get the bag and go back for a price adjustment. Does it make me feel like my bag is any less special because it went to the outlet? No.
  5. I was really angry last week. To the point where I was ready dump my collection and move on... maybe to michael kors, love his stuff!
    Anyways. I've had alot of time to think on it. And while I am still angry with coach, I have decided that I love the bags too much to let them go. From now on though, I will only buy bags at outlet, unless I will be heart broken to not get it. Not all bags go to the outlet. Looking at my collection, almost all of my bags have gone to the outlet. Except for my inlaid peyton c tote, and eggshell emb audrey. And, like you, it was the sequinned audrey that really made me ANGRY! And the purple croc audrey. Two bags that I also bought this past summer, and I paid FP for the sequins bag. (no PCE). Both of these audrey's were advertised as limitted edition. Obviously that means nothing.
  6. I went nuts over a bag in late 2007, it was supposed to be super limited and when I called JAX to order, there were less than 10 in the system. So I got it, used it for awhile, and a mere 3 months later...someone bought it at a TJ Maxx. Said they had a ton. Then it started popping up everywhere.

    I don't think i'm done with Coach fully (although, that experience made me pretty upset) but I don't think i'll purchase anything FP again.
  7. Since I got into Coach, I've had to learn or adjust to their rules and how they move merchandise. If I don't approve of how they do their business, or sell their product than I need to move on and find something else to buy and patronize those manufacturers.

    I have not bought a FP "bag" that I've kept since the Asparagus Haversack, that I easily could have picked up later at the outlet for cheaper but loved it enough I didn't care that I saw others pick it up for less.

    I guess that's what I personally learned; be happy with what I get at the price I get it, or don't bother getting it at all.

    There will always be a better deal out there, the question is more along the lines if me and that "better deal" will ever meet at the outlet or not. Sometimes it's not worth taking the risk to roll the dice...
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    I also thought considering that the croc audrey was supposed to be limited edition there were an awful lot of them popping up at the outlets. At least if you go by postings here. How well did the bag sell when it was FP? I mean it seems to be popular here with all of us but how about the general public? Maybe it didn't sell as well as anticipated? I mean most people are not spending 600.00 on a bag these days. Most of the Coach I see in my area is MFF and Signature not leather and not croc. But maybe that's just my area.

    Considering I have only ever paid FP for one bag since I started buying Coach in May (and it went to the outlets) I am not upset. Like I said I wait for PCE or to snag a great delte. I can see how those who have been into Coach for a while would be frustrated. Maybe I am getting into it at a good time because I am learning off the bat to wait for deltes? I dunno....I like that they go to the outlet because it enables me to get what I want.

    Does it bother you that you bought something that "went to the outlet" or is it that you paid more? From what I have read it's over paying but it seems some might be upset that they bought a FP bag and it went to the outlet and they just don't like the idea of that.

    Also for those of you with more knowledge and experience with Coach than me how long has this fast turnover or whatever been going on?
  9. It did bother me to see the bags I bought with pce show up at the outlets for less, so I stopped buying full price bags at the boutique. I stopped receiving PCE invites but I've scored some great bags from the outlet. I live close enough to an outlet that I can check in when I read on the pf what has been spotted at the outlets if I am interested.
  10. This is my one issue with Coach, it can be so frustrating. If it's just the 30% off, it's not that huge of a deal (because I usually only buy with PCE), but with the extra 20% coupon, it makes a big difference. I was actually talking to the manager at my FP store about this today and she HATES the outlet. I told her about all of the deletes that I saw at my outlet today, and she was mad. She said that it's so unfair and she basically expects people to come in fuming mad because they spend so much more on a bag and then find it for up to 70% off, plus the turnaround is so quick.

    I have branched out to other brands fairly recently, but honestly, Coach has the BEST customer service (which is a HUGE deal, IMO) and a great repair/return policy so I keep going back to them. I'm not a fan of hunting down bags and my outlet isn't the greatest so I am learning to just deal with it and buy with PCE. But I do agree that it's so frustrating, and it's the main reason that I did decide to try other brands.

    Sorry for the novel!!!
  11. This is one of the reasons i dont buy coach anymore. I haven't bought a coach bag, that i haven't sold off since September of last year. All the others from this year have new homes.
    It is pretty annoying to pay FP, then see is on sale a few weeks later. I think they should wait like 6 months to send it to the outlet.
  12. Hi,
    This happened to me!!! I looked and looked at the Red Patent Peyton on wishing I could see it in person! It finally came to the FP Coach store where I got to see her IRL!!! (I initially didn't order her online because of the weird dimensions that were listed.) I ended up ordering her from - paid FP About a month later, the Peyton was at the outlet for like $600. I then saw her at the oultet about another month after that for like $400! I had already cut off the tags and been using her so I couldn't return her to Nordstrom. I Do Love her!!! After that I have learned to be patient (for the most part! LOL ) and wait to see if the bag will come to the outlet or at least get a PCE.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. This has been bothering people for over a year or more. I won't repeat what has already been said, but I agree with all of the points made.

    I don't buy bags FP anymore. I will use my PCE only for small accessories like keychains or I bought some perfume that isn't sold at the outlet. Other than that I only buy deletes at the outlet and with the coupon. I don't like MFF at all. I have found that it isn't too hard to find what I want if I am willing to wait.
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    everyone has sales--coach has more merchandise so there is more sales naturally.

    i dunno why people think of it being at the outlets such a horrible thing--its not good to see a bag you brought marked down a few months later at the outlets..but thats like seeing a shirt you saw at FP in the beginning of the season on sale at the the same store

    with coach it simply is at the outlets

    the full price never have sales because they only carry the stuff that is 'new' and the outlet carries what is not sold out..but old.

    coach isn't the only place that does this--juicy couture has sales as well as kate store..together. coach simply separates it. quite nice actually if you've seen some of the mess outlets end up being after a stampede gets through it..

    anthropologie sends their stuff to the sale rack pretty fast (i've seen it) as well as my fave example to use, the gap..anthro stuff can get pretty pricey, they also have bags in the hundreds--it made me mad at first but i really don't have much choice as 0 or xs rarely makes it to the rack and even then anthro runs a bit loose.

    to finish this off on topic, it doesn't bother me because i am super picky with what i buy--and 100% of the time i have to love it and wear it to death so that by the time it does, if it does (so far i've had lucky picks) hit the outlets i don't care

    i am buying it to use not buying to get the lowest deal.
  15. Feel the pain as well. Felt that way last summer when I splurged on a FP parker graphite hippie. Was told that the color was limited edition. Why is it that COACH came out with a MFF version of the same bag in the same graphite color that was supposed to be limited edition color this year? Was also mad when parker hippies started showing up in the outlet not long after. I decided it just was not worth it for my psyche so I stopped purchasing full price.