Does anyone have a fjord Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. this is the real color[​IMG]
  2. The new Fjord is actually very light, almost like epsom!
  3. Thanks Merika, Sable is lovely!
  4. I have an ROUGE H 32 kelly fjord leather, really stunning. it caught my eye in store and much more outstand than the other kellys with clemence leather. the leather also keep the shape very well and make the color more richer.

    a'way, I love the leather more than any other leather on Kelly.
  5. I have a black Fjord Birkin. It is pretty much water proof. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. It is also pretty stiff leather.

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  6. yes a gold with gold hardware 40cm birkin i love it i think the feel of the leather is what i love the most because the look is not that different from togo or TC but the feel and the way it holds is shape is just fantastic i love my fjord i only wear it for travel because of the size i guess a40cm for me is way to much for every day life .
  7. I don't hv a Fjiord but did get to see this leather IRL yesterday - a 32HAC and yes it is light comparatively to any other leather, has veining but I find the BNIB a bit rough to the touch. Perhaps the texture will change over time^.
  8. fashionista O really i mean fjord not to contradict but i think that the thing i love most of my fjord is the texture it like it has a softer leather i guess it is sturdy but rough well i only want to say i dont feel like this about mine
  9. i had a fjord and i loved how it looked so good even though it was 7 years old. i think it is a fabulous leather and i think it looks esp good in bigger bags ie 35
  10. birkel: I do like the stiffer leather and lightness too .. and the fact that it is practically waterproof ..

    .. have you ever sent your Fjiord to a spa!?!
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  11. love fjord (I have a marron fonce paris bombay 40). I have been drenched (unintentionally) with this bag. No problem. It is light (Well compared to barenia); practical; and agree totally with the matte lacy grained quality. It is also rugged and scratch -resistant. It holds its shape. I think costa captured its color perfectly in her last pic - cool, almost purply undertones - more color to my eye than ebene. . . JMO.
  12. I sent my Fjord bag to the spa ONCE but not because of the leather. One of the feet was coming loose. I doubt I'll have to send my Fjord to spa for a very very long time, if ever, to polish or do anything to the leather.
  13. wow, that's low maintenance!!! :P
  14. hi~

    here's a pic of my Rouge H Fjord 40 Birkin. There's more veining and the leather is a bit more sturdier and thicker I think than Togo~:nuts:

    This is the birkin that I got in Paris late September~ I posted a thread about my "not so good" experience in FSH~

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