Does anyone have a fjord Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. I'd love to learn more about fjord. It seems very durable. How does it take color? How slouchy is it compared to clemence and togo? I'd love to see pics of your fjord bags too!
  2. I have bags in Fjord. It is extremely durable and basically waterproof. I've been caught in downpours with no damage. Color is very rich, but not as rich as Clemence. It is semi-matte to irridescent depending on lighting. Fjord can be very veined, but not necessarily. It is sturdier or more rigid than togo and definitely not as squishy is Clemence.
  3. I :heart:Fjord
    Some colors are really spectacular in FJord :
    -Rouge vif
    -Bleu saphir
    are the fisrt that come to my mind .....
  4. vert fonce is amazing in fjord...and marron fonce.

    I am going to order a vert fonce in a 35cm kelly one day

  5. i agree!! :yes: i have a fjord birkin in sable and i LOVE it!!! love it more than my togo or clemence cause it does not slouch. the leather is thicker. and it does give off a more matted look, almost powdery with my sable. one of the managers mentioned that it's the older bull leather, that's why it's thicker??
  6. I have a fjord birkin and it definitely is an itneresting leather. It is more veined and thick than togo in my opinon. I have it in vert fonce and I think that color looks especially deep and rich in fjord.
  7. I have fjord birkin in Rouge H. It's a deep burgundy color, very matte to me. Some people say it's the heaviest leather. But I really can't tell which one is heavier when I compared my birkin 35 in fjord with that in clemence.
  8. I have a plume in Rouge Vif Fjord and love it....
  9. I saw a 30cm Black Fjord Birkin GH at Hermes Wall Street -- on the arm of its owner -- and it's gorgeous. It's a deep, rich black and dressier than Togo or Clemence, IMO. It had lots and lots of veins and that added to its beauty. I'm not a fan of veining in Togo, so I was surprised at how much I liked this Fjord Birkin. I would have bought it in a heartbeat if it had been for sale.
  10. Fjord is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, leathers for a Birkin bag! It is so durable and keeps its shape really well.

    I have my fjord Birkins in Rouge H (beautiful, quite deep matte red colour), black, marron fonce (lovely, such a yummy brown) and sable (fantastic, rich colour in fjord).. I recommend fjord for daily use, it doesn't scratch and still has a soft lovely, powdery feel in it. It's bit heavy and that is why it works the best with larger bags like 35cm Birkins as you already carry more stuff in them. It also survives well in European winters, which is a huge "plus" for me.
  11. I have a 35cm retourne Kelly in black fjord. It holds the shape very well and has a nice curve at the bottom. It has a nice grain as well. I like it for a larger bag because the leather is hardy enough to hold the overall weight of the bag.
  12. I do love Vert Fonce in Fjord. I don't like the veining. Does anyone have pictures of fjord without veins I did not think that Fjord came without the veins!
  13. I would love to see the pictures of your bags:love::flowers:
  14. I also have a birkin in rouge H fjord, and one in vert fonce. This leather shows off colors gorgeously. My rouge looks very rich -- like a nice pinot noir! And the folks in the Chicago store were stunned by the beauty of the vert fonce. Like others, I find fjord a very sturdy leather, much more shape keeping than clemence. I never think a lot about the weight of my different bags...the look's the thing.
  15. nathansgirl and teswa - if you have them, I would love to see pictures of your vert fonce fjord birkins! Thanks! :flowers: