Does anyone have a fjord Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. I have a 40cm Birkin in Fjord and the bag is sturdy and doesn't slouch. However, over the years this particular bag has required its own personality because of wear -- KWIM. It is more durable in wet weather. However, it still stays home if I know a storm is coming.

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  2. Here it is.

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  3. I love the matte look of fjord and the large, lacy grain which I think is slightly dressier than togo.
    My gold fjord birkin doesn't have veining so it's possible to get it like this. That said, I don't mind the veining on lighter colours so it didn't bother me either way. I didn't ask for no veins, but this was an order placed at the mothership. Don't know if that made any difference?

  4. Hey, xquisite!!! Good to catch ya around! Hope you've been well.

    I can never tire of seeing your fjord goldie! What a beauty!!!

    I find fjord to be a gorgeous matte, almost masculine leather, like something a good briefcase should be made out of, well either that or barenia, lol!

    Regarding weight, I think the newer fjords are not as thick as the fjord of old and has therefore solved the weight issue. I have a 30 Birkin in this as well as clemence and I really can't say there's any discernable difference b/w the two.
  5. Ooh, ooh, ooh - just stunning - I love the color and oh, that veining! Thank you nathansgirl!! :ty:

    (I definitely would like to cross paths with a 30 in VF fjord PHW!)
  6. I have a 30 Birkin in rouge h fjord and a 32 HAC in black fjord. I think it is such a versatile leather. It really dresses up with gold hardware, and it doesn't slouch. Yet, it's soft, not like vache liegee. It has a nice feel and the grain is rather large but I don't happen to have any veining on either of my bags. It seems to be a favorite of Hermes right now. In the past few months, I have been offered several Birkins and HACs in fjord.
  7. OMG!!!!:drool:OMG!!! :drool:OMG!!! :drool:
  8. Nathan and Liness Thank you for the pics!
    Xquiste Your bag is amazing! I love that it has no veins! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Lovely bag! You're right about the "lacy grain." Perfect description!
  10. Yes...
  11. Love it...
  12. fjord may be the most versatile leather. dressy because of its structure and flat lacy grain but subdued due to its semi-matte quality. I find it the perfect all purpose leather. Whereas clemence ad togo look sporty and casual all the time...........
  13. I purchased a 32 HAC Maroon Fonce in Fjord a couple of months ago and I have to say I love the weight, texture and look of this leather. Here is my pic


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  14. ^^ Gorgeous! I love how the veining adds an extra dimension to the bag. Hmmm, I may have to give fjord some serious consideration.
  15. lovely bags in this thread.