Does anyone have a fjord Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. this color is growing on me fast. I have looked through many threads and have to say this color is a must. Great staple:smile:

    BTW beautiful bag:heart:
  2. OMG, i love Fjord now. Its beautiful!
  3. Fjord has character. Is it scratch resistant?
  4. ^ I would have to say Yes. It's not possible to scratch it with my fingernail. I suppose if it was to get caught on something sharp it would scratch but I don't really baby mine at all and there are no scratches. It's quite a workhorse!
  5. Fjord is a fabulous leather, wears extremely well. I have it in 28HAC's and 37 Bolides. It's a little heavy in a 35 Birkin for me but so is my 35 Barenia. I don't wear those in summer.
  6. Fjord is a great leather! Durable, waterproof, feels lovely.... My "workhorse" Birkins are both fjord leather; they are black and ebene. Rouge H is BEAUTIFUL in fjord, here a picture of mine:

  7. Here is a pic of 30cm black fjord without veins. IMO, fjord is simply GORGEOUS, so luxurious, matte and velvety.:heart:


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  8. I am loving the look of all of these Fjord bags! Beautiful!
  9. Anyone have Sable Fjord??? I'd love to see it!!!

    I didn't know Fjord could be without veining, that's the only thing I don't like....good to know!!:tup:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Can you post a nice clear shot of the color of your bag?
  12. PBC's is here
  13. ^^ beautiful!
  14. Birkin 35 maron fonce with flash (much darker IRL)
  15. [​IMG]