Do you feel intimidated going inside any store?

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  1. Do any of you have that problem?Any of you feel uncomfortable when you walk into a store and the sales people decide whether or not to welcome you based on the way you're dressed, snobby sales people, embarassing yourself, fearing you'll walk out of the store because everything was expensive??????What do you say?
  2. Chanel, all the time ! They pretty much ignore me, probably because I'm always in sweatshirts and jeans, and I just feel like that I might as well seal the deal by not buying anything since they pretty much expect that of me. Grrr..
  3. I feel that way when I walk into the Gucci boutique. Everyone gives you the once over, then goes back to talking amongst themselves :suspiciou You have to make a big effort to get someone's attention there.
  4. Yesterday I was in Polo Ralph Lauren with my mom. My mom told me that the sales people were giving me faces but I didn't see that happen. That really pisses me off. The next time I see something like that happen, I'm going to confront the sales person. The thing is, when they are rude, it's not a very welcoming aspect and it causes the customer to leave. Poor salesmanship if you ask me.
  5. Ha ! At Polo ? What losers, I mean, it's something you expect from a Maybach dealership, not a clothing store which caters to the middle class. :suspiciou
  6. Really, what does it take for some service? You probably should just carry an item from their store to show that you are there to not just browse. Boy, i wonder how the LV sales people would react if i brought a fake LV into the store.
  7. It was at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas...much nicer than the factory stores.

  8. OMG I absolutly hate when I am in the LV store and there is a person browsing with a fake. I for one would never own a fake and if someone happened to own one I would hope they would not carry it into the designers boutique. When I see these people I want to be like get out of here!!!
  9. What really bothers me most is when I go to a store by myself I'm ignored, and when I go with my husband it's like flies on !@$#. I find in most places SAs are more receptive to men even when the merchandise is for women.
  10. You just have to remember not to be intimidated by the sales people- they are not some high class shoppers, they are the staff, the hired help. If they get snotty remind them who is serving who. I would never be scared to walk into any store or ask for help. I never dress up to shop, always just designer jeans and a cute top, but I think my handbag and other accessories(jewelry, sdunglasses, shoes) always gives it away that I have money to spend. But no matter what anyone looks like they should be helped- most people who are very wealthy do not dress up to shop they just wear jeans and a tee, shopping is so casual these days.
  11. Exactly. That's what i told my mom. "You don't have to be dressed up to shop!" But I do think that you should dress appropriately also.
  12. :lol: @ your flies comment. The bf and I were in Victoria's Secret a couple of weeks ago and the associate wouldn't leave us alone. I ended up trying on a bunch of boring nude/beige bras to wear under light-colored shirts instead of buying something racy :P

  13. Oh for sure dressing appropriatly is neccessary, you dont need to be in your pajamas or anything. your hair should be done and light makeup at the least. I have found the best outfit to shop is jeans and a white tee- and accessorize. You should be comfy when shopping but not in sweats(However Juicy/2 B Free/etc is okay)
  14. My mom was bothering me so much yesterday, "that lady was looking at your [shoes]." I wish she could just lighten a bit.

  15. Just send your mom to this page so she can see we all agree there is no need to dress up!:biggrin: