Do you feel intimidated going inside any store?


Dec 29, 2005
madeline said:
I think you are stressing about this too much after reading all of your post. You have a right to go in any store and browse if you like or to buy. Do not worry so much what people are thinking. If they dont offer help forget them. You need to walk in with confidence and keep your head up. Obviously you have an intrest in bags- convey this to the sales people and they should be more than willing to help. Also if you plan on doing shopping you should make sure that you have SA's at your favorite stores. If you dont yet have an SA at a store beign a conversation lets say about spring collections and give them your name and number so they can add you to their client book and this way they can call you with any info regarding your interest and this way you have a contact if you are ever ready to buy.
Thanks. I think my mom has been causing me to feel this way. I mean, that's what i've been telling her...


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Oct 29, 2005
I get self-conscious too when I walk into high-end stores when I know I'm just there to browse. I usually will look to see if there are other customers in there so I won't be like a helpless chick surrounded by hawks but I think sometimes it's just in my head. If you walk in looking confidence regardless what you wear, people can usually see that confidence in you and treat you with more respect than if you walk in looking like you're peering over your shoulder from time to time. And yet there are stores that still judge you by the way you dress... Sometimes these SAs need to learn!!


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Nov 18, 2005
big apple
ahem, this is exactly the reason why i prefer shopping online, you can shop naked, in your underwear, pjs, in bed! lol.

i mean yeah i do like going shopping and get some sun once in a while, but being i'm so short, and i look around 13 yrs old, people never even SEE me sometimes, the clothing rack is taller than me!

but if i really do want to buy something, i'll go in. but i hate when SA's bug me if i need help. if i need help, i'll ask for it!


Dec 29, 2005
Doesn't bother me at all like it used to...I work in (low class, heh, but commissioned sales) retail myself and have had all kinds of people demanding my's of course different in Gucci than in JC Penney, but I've found that just being nice to the SA's, even if you're not there to buy, will usually make them be nice back. Just don't be a demanding hassle if you have no intention of buying. Retail workers making $25,000 a year can't afford to waste time, ha. but there is NO excuse for being blatantly rude, either. half the women who come into my store (JC Penney) are overweight, loud, rude, have 5 screaming children in tow, and if they're really classy they're wearing Covington jeans (that's a Sears brand for you lucky people who never worked at Sears). And they all, black and white and Hispanic, are carrying fake LVs. I used to sneer behind their backs and make occasional comments 'where did you get your bag?' just for the heck of it, but now I'm just so sick of it that I don't even care anymore. The same kind of people who will buy shoes at JC Penney are the ones who will buy fake LV at a mall kiosk, and think themselves the better for it. And those people make my paycheck, and they're human beings who are struggling for an existence, so I'm not complaining...although I am excited about graduating and getting a real job *sigh*


Dec 29, 2005
oh, and the store that intimidates me the most is Tiffany & Co. Armed security guards and crap.


Dec 2, 2005
bethany said:
oh, and the store that intimidates me the most is Tiffany & Co. Armed security guards and crap.

That store is so overrated I think. The guards are only at the door (atleast here anyways). And so many people go into that store just to look I dont think the SA's care much.


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
bethany said:
oh, and the store that intimidates me the most is Tiffany & Co. Armed security guards and crap.
The security guard at the one here is nice. I walked in there the other day with a drink, and he said it was okay to carry it around as long as there was a lid on it.

I like Mayors. It's my grandmother's favorite store, and when I was little she would always take me there to ooh and aah over the jewelry.


Dec 8, 2005
My daughter and I just experienced this yesterday. We went to Chicago and did the Magnificant Mile..:love: :love:
Our yearly tradition....

Everyone was nice as we went and browsed in the high end stores. We were just window shopping and we were dressed nicely but comfortable...

The only store that we received an attidute in was Burberry! :evil: :amazed:
I was very surprised...AND angry....Because of that, the burberry purse that is on my list, is off....


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Oct 15, 2005
North Texas
I use to fill odd going into Lv, Chanel, Gucci, but seriously this is how my dad put it last time I mentioned the Sa's. Any store high end or not should be catering to the consumer, even if your at Dillard's buying shirts(his example, he likes their Polo's), or at one of your purse leather good stores, they should be willing and wanting to take care of you in their service, your the one with the money, and thats what their there for, to take the $$$!
After being told that, now I see, if they judge me by apperance, (Igot snickered at sandals/flip flops in Lv last week, to their surprise, they were gucci.How I dress, even though it's winter,( But come'on it's 75 outside. )is non of their business, and if they don't want my money, I will spend it elsewhere, or online.

FAYDEN I'm 5'2 so I look like a kid in between the racks too...thats my other reason I try to shop online...


Nov 2, 2005
It' so disturing to see so many of "us" falling prey to these snotty, obnoxious sales clerks - we need to get over this right now! I am a New York woman (born & raised)- I have shopped 5th Ave, Madison Avene, Rodeo Drive, Knightsbridge in London, rue st. Honore in Paris & after all of that the Via Condotti in Rome was the most intimidating street I ever encountered - I was so put off by the attitude there, I didn't even have the courage to walk in most of the shops - It still bothers and embarrases me to this day.:shame:


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Oct 3, 2005
Las Vegas
Many good points have been made already in this thread so I'll try not to reiterate too much. But one thing that I always try to remember is this: It's human nature to be competitive, and to try to feel you are better than others in some way or another. SA's are just as vulnerable to this as anyone else. Money is definitely a measure a lot of people use to separate people into categories. For a lot of this year, I was unemployed, and I did feel what it was like to be cash poor. That didn't change the person I was when I was working and making good money. I also have a Master's degree, so I knew when walking in any store that when the right opportunity comes along, I will probably end up making more money than any retail worker, but that doesn't make me better than them either. They are trying to do a job, and I am part of that job whether I am just browsing or buying.

It's also in their interest to help you when you are just browsing, because for myself, I'm not an impulse buyer. I like to browse and try on bags, and then perhaps do some research online, or sleep on it before I buy. My SA at NM knows this, because when I first met her, I was looking at a Luella bag, and I wasn't sure about the color. I told her I'd think about it. Then a week later, when I was sure I wanted it, I came back and bought it from that same SA. So when she sees me it doesn't bother her at all if I'm just browsing. She'll show me different options, and chat and if I don't buy anything, she's just as nice as always.

I guess my point is, people will have their prejudices, but every person deserves to be respected no matter how much money they have, or what their job is, or what they are wearing. We will all run into people who don't realize this. But we mustn't feel intimidated by the ignorance of others.


Dec 22, 2005
This is to good. I have felt this way when we go into Gucci.:shame: I am mostly in Shorts with A Nice Shirt. (((Hey are you going to talk are what I make 4 to 5 times your wage.))):idea: Ok I want to see those 3 Bags on the top Shelf on this side and the other. Thank you do you have A Sales card then open the Wallet with about $2000 in it put the card where in and tell them you might come Back and thank you.:suspiciou


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Oct 18, 2005
New York City
i've had my share of intimidating and frustrating experiences since i'm 20 and don't usually have my parents in tow, but i will say this in defense of sales clerks: when you've got stuff to do and your sales manager is breathing down your neck, you're more likely to try and help the people who look like they're actually going to buy, and i can't really fault them for that because i do it myself (and i'm not even on commission). that being said, if i'm not busy or under pressure, i'll ask a 12 year old if they need any help when they peek in a fridge at my work, just for something to do.

as a result of my own patterns as a salesperson, if i walk into LV or something and KNOW i'm going to have questions or need to see something, i walk up to a salesperson immediately and let them know in some way so that they know they're not wasting their time on me (since i tend to dress rather casually). if i'm not contacted immediately by a salesperson but don't need anything, i know not to take it personally.

it's easy to see it both ways since i am in sales, but haven't been there particularly long. so cut them some slack, mostly i think they try and do the best they can. if you're in a store that's absolutely dead with 5 SAs chit-chatting with each other and you're obviously trying to grab their attention and they're ignoring you, then that's a problem, but i think people generally try and do their job well.

those *******s at express can kiss my ass, though.
Dec 7, 2005
well the other day I droped in to gucci I swear the staff their look at me strange I wanted to slap one of them and ask what she was looking at!! they so mean lol


Dec 29, 2005
princessinpink said:
well the other day I droped in to gucci I swear the staff their look at me strange I wanted to slap one of them and ask what she was looking at!! they so mean lol
i would pay to see that happen...