Do you feel intimidated going inside any store?


ok so im ADDICTED
Apr 14, 2006
You just have to remember not to be intimidated by the sales people- they are not some high class shoppers, they are the staff, the hired help. If they get snotty remind them who is serving who. I would never be scared to walk into any store or ask for help. I never dress up to shop, always just designer jeans and a cute top, but I think my handbag and other accessories(jewelry, sdunglasses, shoes) always gives it away that I have money to spend. But no matter what anyone looks like they should be helped- most people who are very wealthy do not dress up to shop they just wear jeans and a tee, shopping is so casual these days.
i completely boyfriend hates going into "high end" stores with me because he feels as if people are looking down on us. and the truth is that we do get bad looks I HATE IT but i dont let it stop me from buying what i like. i usually shop in some cute juicy sweats..i like to be comfy with light makeup, i mean i dont look like i just rolled out of bed. I ALWAYS REMIND MYSELF THAT THESE PPL ARE SERVING US so i try not to let it get to me...though it does tend to bother me! hmm ive also noticed that if im carrying and expensive purse with me SA's tend to be more friendly not cool at all


Sep 6, 2006

and i've had great service, bt thenagain i'm from SF and people here of all looks/age/size buy designer bags so there's really not that much judgement.

worst day of my life was when i made the mistake of wearing super high heels while shopping with my straight guy friend to buy a wallet.

who knew he wanted to go to all those shops? neiman marcus, saks men, gucci, lv, serra...something F i can't spell it sorry!, prada, burberry. UGH. i wanted to take off my heels and smack him over the head with it.

he ended up with a LV one.


Oct 24, 2006
Grand Ledge, MI
I've never felt intimidated or anything except once. I took my friend to the mall that I probably shouldn't have. She dresses kind of trashy sometimes and in Gucci, the very large and imposing security guards kept following her around. All she did was complain about how expensive and ugly everything was and needless to say I never took her back to that mall. There is one thing you need when going into a boutique: RESPECT. If you have that attitude, then you deserve to be snubbed. I was very embarrassed by her. My tone might seem harsh, but it was truly awful.

But usually salespeople are very sweet! I always have the best time in Burberry, mostly because some know my name. They are so fun there, and my boyfriend, who is all old white t-shirt and cheap mangled jeans, got along very well with them :smile:

And at Chanel, there is this one lady who calls me sweetie :P.

I've noticed in Louis Vuitton the salespeople always look like they have something very stinky under their noses. Oh well ^^


Aug 16, 2006
I do hate with a passion...those high end stores...even LV really...

I go in, get what I need...of course I do take my time with it inspecting..but I try to get outta there as fast as I can....

Just dont like the whole feeling about the place really.....Fendi and Gucci is the worst for me though...At first, I was all smiles and passive like about my ways but after they gave me attitude, I dropped it and began to "demand" a good way of course...but more to the point...I dont have a specific SA, its the Manager for special orders and dont care who serves me...

I hear that to get the best Hermes bags, you have to spend alot, then get on the waiting list and get really friendly with the Manager...and on and on...

I just hate the whole ordeal...but luv luv the LV bags.....ughh.....:shame:


duchesse de mode
Oct 24, 2006
I guess compared to all the stories here i've never gotten that attitude.However,I do notice LV treat you differently once you come in with an LV handbag.And thats only natural isn't it ?:Push:
I must admit though,Fendi are somewhat intimidating.:shrugs:
Oct 21, 2006
I used to be intimidated, but not anymore. I do have a story though.

I've only had one semi bad experience with an SA in Louis Vuitton in GSP New Jersey. I wanted a new LV bag for Christmas and the previous year I was able to go into the store with my dads credit card info (minus the credit card), and buy the bag. My father would have much rather me do it without him than drag him to the store, yet I wasn't an authorized user on his card. If it was done over the phone, the merchandise was shipped to the credit card address so they were sure my dad was the one making the purchase. Not knowing the rules had changed less than one year later, I went into Louis Vuitton with my friend. I'm 21 (I was 20 at the time) but look about 16 (so I'm told), and my friend looks awfully young too. I was using my speedy that day, and dressed in jeans. I had made many purchases there before, however the SA I usually had was chosen to go to France to do something with LV. Anyway, getting to the point, after waiting a short bit, an older male SA was able to help me. Not knowing any french or how to pronounce the bag names correctly, I was describing the bags by shape. He understood what I wanted, but instead of talking to me about the bags, his eyes were wondering around the store. I told him my situation (how I had to call my dad to see if I could have his CC #) and the SA never said anything. I called my dad and told him the situation and he said it was OK and so I told the SA which bags I wanted and that I would like to do the order over the phone. He snapped saying that they were unable to do orders over the phone. I told him that not even a year go I had done the same thing, and he said "well the rules have changed." Soooo, after all of that, I asked the SA to write the names of the bags on the back of a business card and that I'd be back with my dad. He scribbled the names on the back of the card, which was unreadable. I think he felt a sense of satisfaction that his judgements were right; I looked young, and was most likely purchasing nothing. Well, it was priceless to see his face when I came back with my dad later that evening. The store was much emptier, and he was one of the only SA's behind the counter. He was THE NICEST person to me, helping me with everything, telling me stories about his family, the LV bags he has, and which bags he recommends. When paying, my dad took out a wad of cash, and then the SA started looking through my history and was like "wow, you've done a lot of shopping here," and started asking me about my other bags, and how I got into LV. I kind of wish he learned a lesson that day, to not judge a book by its cover, but maybe that's his job.

I then recieved something in the mail inviting me to the spring 2006 preview. I wonder if thats random, by how much money you spend, or by rec. of an SA? I thought it was pretty funny.

And now when I go in the store, there is a young male SA that is just wonderful & helps me ALL of the time.

Last time I was in the store I saw the older SA, ARGUEING with a "customer" because some young guy was saying the Mono Pochette Cles was $100, that he swore last week it was $100, and the SA was getting really mad. Even though the kid was wrong, I had to laugh since the man was just so mean.

Sorry that was so long, but I had to share.


Oct 24, 2006
I'm pretty young (early 20's) and don't have much money yet, but I ended up in a neighborhood where the closest shopping is bloomies and closest gym is $150 a month and at first I was intimidated but now I'm used to it. I go to both and it's fine. I look at expensive bags and end up buying a modest-priced designer but they are still really nice all the time.
I can't believe I just read 18 pages of this thread...:wtf:


Sep 30, 2006
Austin, TX
I once went to nordies in jeans and sneakers. Apparently I didn't look good enough because when I asked to try on Uggs, the SA disappeared for 15 minutes, then came back and told me they were out of my size in every style. I went back the next day dressed to the nines and a different SA was there. I told him I didn't know what style I wanted, I just wanted some Uggs and could he please bring me my size in every style? Sure enough he came back with two stacks as tall as I am in my size.

I was so fuming. What is the point of dressing up just to buy uggs?


Happy Momma!
Aug 31, 2006
I recently had a bad experience at the HOuston Galleria- I was there on business and had a free evening- I was SOO excited!
But when I left I felt horrible!
I am 32 and work in the oil & gas business. I work with a bunch of old men and we had a field trip that day so I had on my jeans and my company logo'd golf shirt. I didn't think I needed to dress up to go to the mall, so I changed out of my steel-toed boots and threw on my scheckers! I was really ready to throw down some cash in stores I don't have in Oklahoma City! I grew up with very low income parents and am very proud of the money I make now- (all my own I support my husband while he's finishing college) Anyway--- I first walked into Neiman Marcus and walked out within 5 minutes- I got so many looks and just didn't feel good about being there, so after that I was just walking around wanting to go into LV, Dior, Kate Spade, etc. and was so intimidated to even walk in them!
I could just feel eyes glaring like "are you kidding me you are going to come in this store?"

So I left without spending a dime and just wanted to go home with a tub of Ben & Jerry's! Crazy but it really depressed me!


Feb 17, 2006
So Cal
i had a really good experience at the nicest mall in Atlanta last weekend with this thread in mind. every store i walked in to, i went in with my head high, a smile on my face, and went right over to the salespeople, greeted them, and told them what i was looking for. i was not dressed up, i was in normal attire, but i was helped at every store, curteously and quickly, without fail. the SAs at LV, Gucci, Coach, and Saks all complimented me on my bag (IF Audra) and were unfailingly nice.

the only place that wasn't nice? Cole Haan, lol. but they never are. i bought a pair of shoes anyway because, despite the fact that they weren't nice, they did help me very quickly. they were also the only SAs not to compliment my bag *rolls eyes*

so i've come to a conclusion that it's largely an issue of attitude. if you go in there scared that they're judging you and feeling a little down on yourself for not being dressed a certain way or not carrying a certain bag, they're going to reflect that back at you - they are human beings, after all, and when you're feeling that way, you're going to be acting funny. and if you're friendly and curteous, they'll reflect that back as well.

so take heart, their behavior is something you can change!
Cole Haan gave me the silent treatment one time. I walked in there and said hello, how are you? and they just stared me down w/ no response. It was the most unwelcoming greet I have ever experience. I will not go in there again.


Oct 12, 2006
The short answer is "no."

The really long answer would probably get into why you may have these feelings, while your friend, who is your same age, does not. That would be one for the experts, a different forum, a different thread.

The medium answer contains some good news for younger posters. Whatever their provenance, feelings of self-consciousness and intimidation that you may feel in many situations will diminish as the years pass.


Jul 21, 2006
Hmm I don't think it matters what you wear; often if your new to the store the SA are not as friendly. With the exception of Hermes they are wonderful to everyone! * Most designer boutiques have their "attitude" but it doesn't bother me because if you are polite to them - they should immediately change their "attitude" into "service-tude' lol....