Do you feel intimidated going inside any store?

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  1. Some more to add:

    When you walk into a high-end store like LV, the sales people automatically assume you can't afford any of the merchandise and like they're too good to serve you when in reality they are just people who work there. I laugh at that. And when i was in vegas a couple of days ago, I noticed the Graff Jewelers at the Wynn. I was like,"Who actually goes in there?" It's one of those stores where you either buy or don't even go in. If you do, you'll look like a fool. But i feel embarassed when i walk into a high-end store and leave without buying anything. When you go into a high-end store, the sales people usually aren't as nice when you back out of buying something.
  2. I don't feel indimidated b/c I know my money is as good as any. If I walk in with velour sweats on, so be it. Its the same as if I walk in with a suit on. If I see something I want, regardless of what I'm wearing, I'll buy it. I just ignore rude SA's. Of course if they're too rude, I'll just walk back out. ;)

  3. I bought my one & only Chanel there!!!!! I love that place!!!
  4. they have a chanel store there?
  5. i was getting the look at EXPRESS last night. i mean, express for god's sake. my boyfriend and i were in the mall after he had taken me for a very nice dinner and because i didn't want to walk around the mall in the stilletos i had had on to sit and eat, i threw on a pair of flip-flops that i had in my car (the outfit could go casual or dressy depending on accessories) and i was totally snickered at by the two male salespeople.

    i almost slapped them both in the face. *******s.
  6. wtf? Why would they snicker at someone in flip flops? What jerks. I was just in the one here yesterday buying clothes with my gift card and the associates were very helpful. Sometimes they're a little too helpful, knocking on the fitting room doors two or three times asking if I need help. It's a nice gesture, but once is enough :biggrin:
  7. i was surprised to find the people in Armani Exchange to be friendly and helpful...
  8. I used to get intimidated. I still remember when I was in high school and shopping at high end stores, I made sure to dress up. Now I have learned that I am the customer. I am the one browsing, and if I am in sweats, jeans, a skirt, or a gown, I deserve someone to help me. I have had no problem gesturing that I need help. It happend to me just the other day at Gucci. Granted the store was quite packed, but I patiently waited to be helped- and when I wasn't, I just gestured the need for help. I don't take it personally anymore, I just figure either they are or they aren't doing their job well.

    Even if you walk into a store carrying a fake bag, don't you deserve to be respected anyhow? Yes, I too would probably wonder but we have all seen that some celebs carry fakes but I'm sure if they walked into LV they would be waited on... It just comes down to the fact that when you are shopping, you are the customer and you deserve service.:idea:
  9. It's funny, when I am London on Bond street, I have definately felt like a small nobody the way they treat ted me when I was dressed super casual.:sad: Nowhere else for me.
  10. I don't feel intimidated by any boutique :lol: I think its silly, since the associates in there are retail, regardless of if they are high end retail. Also, I feel sorry for them if they don't help people based on looks, a lot of sales can be lost that way. For instance, my mother isn't one to dress to shop, but she has all the money. I've seen her be ignored by SAs, but that same SA will come running my way I step in. I'm not saying I don't have any money, just that she has more to burn and they'd have a better chance getting a sale from her, especially since it was the NM children dept. and I'm someone who doesn't particularly like kids. My mom usually buys that place out, just that her regulars werent there and it was some new whore :lol:
  11. I get the same feeling. I kinda feel like I have to buy something. It feels much better when there are other customers in there browsing too cause I feel like I'm being watched under a microscope.
  12. yah. if you are the only one in the store...i get the feeling that the people will just ignore me...that's how it always goes...i walk into a store and the people don't welcome me, i look at the selection, then i leave...and sometimes i walk into a store and the SA's don't greet i'm just like,"whatever."
  13. I used to feel intimidated going inside some stores- until I was a retail manager myself.

    When I was a teenager, I used to be intimidated to walk into Abercrombie & Fitch (I know its not exactly high fashion) b/c the employees looked like models and seemed snooty.

    Now I'm in my twenties and up until a month ago- I was a manager of an Abercrombie & Fitch - and I realized there's nothing to be intimidated by when you walk in the store. We had all sorts of people, young and old, different walks of life and honestly we didn't care who they were- the employees were friendly and helpful to everyone.

    It was weird looking at a store you were once intimidated to walk into and now it was your workplace where you spent 60 hrs a week.

    So after working retail myself, I don't get intimidated by any salespeople in any store.
  14. i just want to be able to walk into any store and be able to take a breather, knowing that someone isn't judging me by what i'm wearing nor do i want to feel self-conscious...

  15. I think you are stressing about this too much after reading all of your post. You have a right to go in any store and browse if you like or to buy. Do not worry so much what people are thinking. If they dont offer help forget them. You need to walk in with confidence and keep your head up. Obviously you have an intrest in bags- convey this to the sales people and they should be more than willing to help. Also if you plan on doing shopping you should make sure that you have SA's at your favorite stores. If you dont yet have an SA at a store beign a conversation lets say about spring collections and give them your name and number so they can add you to their client book and this way they can call you with any info regarding your interest and this way you have a contact if you are ever ready to buy.