do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

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  1. which one & why?
  2. I am currently carrying the Mono Zippy Wallet, it's my fave so far...its very easy to get in and out of and its so roomy! Before that I was used the Mono Porte Tresor International but it was a pain and it didn't hold up very well.
  3. White is cute.
  4. Monogram Dentelle Silver Long Purse (sorry can never remember the right name)

  5. I have the Mono Zippy and LVOE it! I carry it as a clutch when I'm taking a coffee break from work. It's roomy, holds alot, and keep my cards/money/coins well organized.
  6. I alternate between the black Tobago billfold and a black Epi 6 credit card slot billfold.
  7. i carry the mono PTI, MC french in white and MC PTI in black and white. love each of them.
  8. Pomme Pochette Wallet, because it has ample compartments for cash, receipts, etc...
  9. i don't have one right now. i'm using an agenda as a wallet, but am thinking of getting a wallet.
  10. Right now I'm using the Damier Florin Wallet

    But I tend to rotate wallets around and I also have the Epi Wallet with Coin Pocket in Moka

    And my first LV wallet/ piece I ever bought for myself! The Monogram Snapped Billfold

    But I'm planning on cheating with Bottega Veneta and Hermes. ;)

    PS- Thanks Purse Blog!
  11. Until recently a monogram PTI. Now I have a Isabella Fiore.
  12. I want a LV wallet in the future...I really want the white mc french purse (I think that's the one). It's about 700 so I may be waiting a while! Right now I am using my new Burberry wallet which I LOVE. I actually like mixing up brands for some reason. I use a Coach agenda - but the bag is ALWAYS LV!!!
  13. I don't have one now, but currently in the market for one. I'm interested in the Mono Zippy
  14. nooo i stuck on my gucci, i LOVE the thin it is andddd that it have only 6 slots but 3 bill slots n a change compartment!
  15. I carry the LV card holder - because I have a LOAD of cards (membership cards, store credit cards, you name it). I also use my Small Mono Agenda as a wallet. It holds 6 cards (2 in each card slot) so there is room for my main credit cards and my DL. I like the Agenda because I can keep track of everything in it, its really cute, and I can use it when I don't feel like lugging around my entire purse.