do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I carry a Damier Business card holder and love it.
  2. I am using my indigo french purse right now :biggrin:
  3. Not yet, but I really want a zippy wallet (either in Damier ebene or Epi black) because it holds a lot of cards, cash, coins, receipts, etc. in style. Also the zipper keeps everything inside the wallet securely and it looks cute as a clutch.
  4. I carry a Marc Jacobs Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch in Moss. Its beautiful I get compliments on it all the time.
  5. i just bought the Monogram Eugenie wallet, but i haven't used it yet; i'm still too attached to my Fendi B. :shame:
  6. I have a French Wallet in Mono. It's a great size, holds 6 creditcards, notes and lots of coins.

    Intend to get other wallets in the future, but want to build up the bag collections as well, so have to decide what will come first (once I have another job that is!)

  7. No I don't *carry* one everyday, (unless you meant carry as in own a LV wallet, then YES, i own one). Wallets are useless to me, they're big and bulky and have wayyyyy too much junk inside.
  8. Yes, I carry a mono wallet. I love it. =)
  9. black multicolor zippy. i LOVE it because it's easy to open/close and keeps everything organized with lots of compartments for receipts, cash, coin and cards. it's the perfect lv wallet imho.
  10. I've been carrying the same wallet for 2 years and it still looks brand spankin' new!!! I have the Porte Billets Cartes Bleue.
  11. I have two. The first is the Pochette Wallet. Hubby bought it for me for Xmas. It is perfect for me. I had LVs for 7 years before I finally thought it was okay to spend the same amt. of money on a wallet as a bag. Well, last month the glazing started to peel off and it needed to be repaired. I was so sad about giving it up that when I brought it in I bought myself a pomme French Purse. Sooo beautiful!

    Other little accessories I use in my bag to carry little things are: auzr mini pochette, damier cles, pomme cles, mono CC holder and Framboise agenda.
  12. i have mono ludlow---i love it---fits all my cards(i dont have too many),and fits in any bag ,even in mini pochette!!!:heart:
  13. I have an Azur Zippy - it's roomy and I stay really organized!
  14. Black MC pmp! I don't have that many cards, so its just right for me. :love:
  15. I carry either Mono Zippy or my Chanel wallet.

    I like the Mono because it is roomy.