do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Until recently, I was always a zippy girl.

    Right now I have an addiction to the Insolite wallet and have purchased three in the last two weeks (DE Trunks & Locks, Mono in summer corail, and Noir MC in grenade). I just think they're so pretty and unique.
  2. Right now and for a while now, I've been carrying my zippy compact wallet. It's fits great in all my big bags and also my chanel jumbo flaps
  3. Zippy compact wallet, great size
  4. I love zippy too!!! But lately I've been eyeing the insolite with Corail... I just love Corail and the insolite is really cute with a wristlet strap! =)
  5. I have The Elysée Wallet in iconic Monogram canvas in ametyste.....and i love is new,i bought it Last week.till this Day i have michael kors ...
  6. I am currently using the ZCP in mono. I love that it fits perfectly into my pochette with my 6 key and phone for running errands.

    Because it is so compact it keeps me organised and I don't hoard receipts or unnecessary papers. If on the rare occasion I needed to carry a lot of bank notes/save receipts I would store them in my PM agenda.
  7. I carry the eugenie wallet in monogram canvas....apparently this has been discontinued though:sad: got mine in 2008 as a push present after baby #2 with no epidural!!
  8. I have the mono insolite with the red interior. I love it.

    I'm considering getting the azur summer 2014 insolite. I'm also considering getting the ebene long origami wallet. I have been in love with that origami wallet for over a year.
  9. I have the zippy compact wallet in Azur. I've had it for years now and want a change, but just can't find another wallet that works as well as this one.
  10. I heart my Zippy Monogram Vernis :smile:
  11. Zippy Compact Wallet in Epi
  12. used to have the black MC sarah, but now i use a chanel

  13. The insolite with coral is gorgeous!!!