do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

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  1. Mono Canvas French Purse. It is the newer version with 8 CC slots. I purchased and returned a Pomme Zippy Wallet because I want it in the new (Amarante) color.

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  2. I have the Damier French Purse with 8 CC slots. I had originally purchased the Vernis Framboise FP and it looked SO cute, but I didn't really *feel* it for everyday use (too flashy) and it only has 4 CC slots. I use an LV wallet because I feel so chic with it, and it's also very sturdy and useful!
  3. I have a mono mat billfold in black. Have been using it for 3 years and it still looks spanking new.
  4. Not yet. I have a perfectly good Prada wallet, and rather spend my money on bags. I am eyeing the zippy for next year thought. I like the Damier, but I think I should get something colourful.
  5. I have a mono canvas zipped compact wallet. It's just the right size, quite functional and I like the way it looks.
  6. i actually use a mono pochette inside my speedy
  7. Yes, and LOVE it! Planned to buy the mono zippy wallet but really wanted something from the groom collection so bought the groom mono zippy organizer. I love how everything is sooo organized and easy to find in it. If I'm dashing to the store for something quickly I just grab the wallet and carry it like a clutch.
  8. NO :sad: but I wish I did!
  9. I don't because I have a hobo wallet right now that I like (and I want to spend more money on bags!), but I want to save up for a damier koala.
  10. i think even those who arent into LV carry LV wallets because they are sooooo durable and last a lifetime :smile: .. i used to carry a mono PTI and ow i carry a pomme FW ..
  11. No, I do not carry a Louis Vuitton wallet. I carry a coach legacy wallet in red leather. The wallet has ink stains on it now (pen exploded in my bag) and I am considering getting a LV wallet this time.
  12. Multicolore Koala with S lock. I carry it because its a good size, it has an ID window and I swear the white MC can withstand anything! My white Chanel isnt doing that great.
  13. mono koala wallet. i love it but wouldn't mind having the zippy wallet too!
  14. I have the same wallet, and I adore it. I've had mine for a year and it looks great. I know it's supposed to be a men's billfold, but I don't think it makes a difference. I didn't want to spend $500+ for one of the more "feminine" wallets. It has just enough space for my cards and money.
  15. at the moment... i hv a pink billfold mini mono wallet... it has been with me for the past 3 years. bought it becos of the nice pinkish colour & ez to slip into smaller bags... as i used to travel alot in the past.

    well... the thing is..... i used to have an epi yellow porte-tresor inter'l wallet (have it for 10 yrs... good condition.. sad to say.. it has got a colour transfer to it, ... so careless :crybaby:) anyway, time to move on.
    epi line is just as lasting if u take good care of it!:smile:

    my wallets have always been with me for a long time until it is time for their retirement.