Do they really skin the snake ALIVE to make the Python Silverado???

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  1. I am new to Chloe...actually lurking here to get a good read on their bags before I take the (expensive) plunge. How much of their line is made from exotics like this?
  2. Yeah, me too. Especially because when I first got this forwarded email from my coworker, I thought it was photo shopped made to look bigger and scarier. Turns out, the pythons really are that big. I had no idea. Nor did I realize they could eat something as big as sheep. I thought it was one of those emails that was an Urban Myth, so I decided to look it up online and its so totally true. I also didn't realize the poor thing got electrocuted:sad:.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, i don't think they make many bags out of exotics (i think just python), but then again I"m pretty new to Chloe as well, so don't quote me.

  4. After having seen those pictures I'm convinced those pythons aren't skinned alive...imagine someone trying to get the skin of that thing! I surely wouldn't dare upsetting him or her. That pic proves it: it is impossible to take ofr it's skin while it's alive, that snake looks like it could eat even the biggest human being.
  5. Oh and Pamella72, I'm sure Chloe also uses crocodile for their bags, which is more beautiful than python in my opinion, but of course much more expensive.
  6. oh, I didn't realize that. Thanks for letting me know;)

  7. still no answer from Chloe -, shall we take it they have ignored my question? :sad:
  8. rubylola- I don't think Chloe ever answer! I've emailed them a dozen times about leather treatment, cleaning etc., but they've never acutally answered.
  9. I doubt if they'd be able to skin a snake alive. I'm almost positive they would have to kill it first. Their bodies are so muscular, I would think it would ruin the hide to try to do it that way. We have a ball python, and his strength is amazing! Once he decides he wants to coil around something, it is quite difficult to persuade him to move. LOL
  10. They did answered my questions, but I've waited over 3 months to get a reply from them.
  11. What did they say?
  12. i wanna know, too.
  13. Rather like 'mouse' leather which is not lots of little mouse skins pieced together?!? If they did, the joins are brilliantly done!!!!!
  14. Hi Rosieroseanna and Rosemary- I don't know what Dollygirl asked Chloe about, I don't think it was about python skins, but I still haven't heard back about my question on python. IF I ever do I will post straight away.
  15. thank you! :biggrin:
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