Do they really skin the snake ALIVE to make the Python Silverado???

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  1. I just bought this beautiful Python Silverado. I showed my friend and she told me that in order to make the bag, that they skin the poor snake alive???:sad: Does anyone know if this is true???? If that is the case, I'm sending it back. I can't be part of torturing a poor snake for a chloe bag, no matter how much I LOVE her. Please help.
  2. i dunno, but you never know. the best thing you can do is just not buy bags made of animal, ever.

    not what you want to hear, but its the truth.

    you can't belive that animals that are going to be skinned for their skins are treated well prior to death or killed humanely.
  3. ^^ :true:
  4. :wtf: That's sad~ I love my python silverado too!!!
  5. The word in the title, terrifies me.

    What I did find really upsetting a few days ago, on the Chloe site, in its new fall range, there is a bag made from elephant hide!!!!

    If ivory is banned, surely elephant hide should be too.
  6. What advantage would there be to skinning the snake alive??
  7. The way that most animals are skinned is the most appealing the process. It's best just not to think about it.
  8. I think this one is Anaconda not python?
  9. I have to think that elephant hide is illegal, it's got to be some simulation with buffalo hide or something. At the very least you'd have to have a permit to own something made of elephant hide. And what consumer would buy something made of real elephant? That's just terrible.

    I did a little research on python farming and can't find any evidence that they are skinned alive, though as a previous poster stated you can surely find inhumane python farming practices (same as any leather industry). Interestingly, pythons are also raised for their meat, so more than just their skins are utilized.
  10. I'm not quite understanding what you wrote.

  11. ^I think the poster meant appalling.

    As regards the "elephant" bag, I think it's just the colour that's called elephant, while the bag is not made of elephant leather (I visited the C. website).
  12. I would think skinning a snake alive would be very difficult to get the skin off cleanly. I'd imagine that they skin would need to be precisely cut to make a handbag. Just my guess. It's still gross though.
  13. Thanks for that, I didn't hang about long enough to think about it!!!! KWIM! There are certain words which cause a blind panic, I go runnning for cover. Anything to do with reptiles etc. I am like :wtf: .

    Possibly because there was a report about ivory on last night which made me think that if they kill for the tusks maybe they use the skin.

    Apologies to you all for my stupidity!
  14. I hate to sound cold....but snakes:nuts: they are my greatest fear! I can't get too sentimental about the death of one......sorry:crybaby:
  15. Its not so much the death part that bothers me the most, its the skinning alive that is just so darn cruel:crybaby:. Can't help it, but even since I was a little kid, I always put myself in the situation and thought how would I feel if it were me. It just made me sick when my friend mentioned the skinning alive and I was hoping I'd be told on the PF that it is bogus information. :sweatdrop: I just can't wear a bag knowing (if it is indeed true) that something had so suffering such a terrible-agonizing death so that I could enjoy it as an accessory. I know not everyone feels the way I do and I can totally accept it, but me personally- I just can't do it, if it is indeed true.:sad: Thanks for all your comments though.