Do they really skin the snake ALIVE to make the Python Silverado???

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  1. No, they do skin snakes alive (there are pics and video footage of it happening) - probably only small to medium ones, though.

  2. Yes, but whether we like it, or not (personally, I don't like it, so I don't eat them), cows and sheep would be killed for their meat, anyway (or killed as a 'waste product' of the meat industry), regardless of whether the skins were used, or not and they are not generally killed in a particularly cruel way, just to preserve their skins.

    Whereas, most snakes (and other exotic skin and fur producing animals) are not killed primarily for their meat - they are killed primarily for their skins and they are killed in particularly cruel ways (including being skinned alive) to preserve them.

    There are also laws surrounding the rearing and killing of animals farmed for their meat; totally inadequate ones, in most cases, of course (please check out the fur thread on the Wardrobe subforum for what happens to rabbits! :sad: ), but generally better than nothing. This is not the case for animals that are reared for their skins.

    Also, people who eat meat, dairy and/or eggs can choose free range. As far as I know, there is no such thing as free range exotics, or fur.

    Therefore, to use most types of leather, but not exotics, or fur, is not hypocracy - it's logic. :yes:

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  4. I have heard that this sometimes happens to kids (baby goats) but I hadn't heard that it also happened to lambs. :sad:

    Personally, I would never knowingly buy or use a bag that was made from an animal that was killed in this way. :nogood: Even if it was a by-product of the meat industry.

    This is because it has, obviously, been killed in a particularly cruel way, to harvest and/or preserve its skin and that's a definite no-no for me. :yes:

    However, there is still a difference between the two - the snake has been primarily killed for its skin - meaning that the vast majority of the money gained from the snake's rearing and slaughter is from its skin.

    Therefore, if the skin was not purchased, in the form of a handbag, or whatever, the snake would not have lived in misery and died horrendously, at all; as it would not have been financially viable to rear it.
  5. what she is saying is completely relevant to the topic, actually. it is such an awful double standard as far as reg. leather vs. fur/skins, but that's the world we live in. the majority choose to look the other way when things are too gruesome or inhumane. we feel it's out of our control, i guess.

  6. :yes: :sad:

    Pate de foie gras is the worst - the EU are trying to ban it, but the French farmers who produce it are revolting.

    Pun intended.
  7. eBay*Queen*">

    I know, it's not your fault. :flowers:

    Good for you! :tup:

    I think free range is definitely a massive step in the right direction. :yes:

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  9. Yes, it would be nice to believe, wouldn't it?

    But remember, he has a vested interest in promoting the industry in a positive light.

    I'm not arguing that animals in China are not treated even worse than animals generally are in the West, but believe me, there is plenty of horrendous animal abuse in the West, too. :yes: :sad:

  10. It can't help what it looks like, or that its drive to survive means that it is driven to eat meat - snakes are completely carniverous (although, they do also eat eggs) and so, cannot choose to be vegetarian, even if they wanted to.

    We, however, are evolved creatures, with massive brains, in comparison to most other animals and with power comes responsibility.

    We have the ability to choose to not use products that are obtained particularly cruelly and if we don't use that choice, perhaps we are the real monsters?

  11. Me too! :rolleyes:

    I thought it was just me they were ignoring! :lol:
  12. Well written. I wish there were more laws making the procurement of exotic skins more humane. If I knew the animal had been killed humanely, I would have no problem buying exotic skins. But as it stands, there is no way I'm going to purchase anything that was made out of an animal that has been cruelly killed.
  13. I have had the misfortune of seeing this happen (snake skinned alive). They are pinned down behind the head, then nailed down to a wooden board, and SKINNED....ALIVE. This is how they are subdued, even larger sizes - they can't get away! I saw this whilst on honeymoon - can you imagine? I would never touch a bag made from exotics.
  14. ^ :sad: :sad: :sad:
  15. I won't eat foie gras either. It makes me so mad when we go out for dinner with my fiances parents and they all tuck and and his mum makes out she is an animal lover and against animal cruelty etc. I ONLY buy toiletries from the Body Shop or the Co-op and I buy my cleaning products from the Co-op too as they are BUVA approved. Just wondering saninsburys says they are against animal testing on the back and they fund research into alternatives, does that mean they fund research but that their products are actually tested on animals?