Did you stop buying/using contemporary bags once you go luxury?

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  1. You articulated exactly what my problem has been with some of the non premier, higher quality brands.

    I’m so intrigued by the fact that they have great leathers and construction. That makes me want to consider buying. But, stylistically, I want something more than a simply designed leather bag. I really do want more intricate design, interesting details, impressive uses of hardware, etc.

    So, to get everything I want - materials, construction, design, extra touches, functionality, etc., I find myself cherry picking premier designer brands.
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    I’ll revive this thread:biggrin:

    No, I didn’t stop buying contemporary. I did ‘basically’ stop buying anything really low-end or no-name (Guess/Nine West/London Fog, that tier) although it’s only because I stopped feeling that price tier is good value except on rare occasion. They look and feel cheap to me, but IF/when I find one that is well-designed and doesn’t look cheap, I snag it. In the last two years I’ve bought, say, one Jessica Simpson, one Margot and one Dune London that met standard.
    However, the no-name bags that were in my collection already, I still carry. Because they met the standard I already had, of having pleasing lines to me and looking a little pricier than they were. Heck, one is a Speedy-shaped navy blue pleather bag from Mark (like the makeup brand). It has a ‘crinkly’ finish that I really like and does NOT look like vinyl and doesn’t look particularly cheap. If I told you it was $2,500, you’d feel sorry for me, but if I told you it was $150, you wouldn’t know I was lying.
    Most of my collection is not premier. I have Chloe, LV, Hermès, Goyard, but no, it didn’t spoil me for anything but luxury. The majority of my buying is in the middle. And to me anyway, ‘the middle’ covers a lot of territory, from ‘cheap’ like Fossil to Coach, D&B, Tory B, K Spade (and Jack Spade and KS Saturday, both of which I sorely miss), Longchamp, etc.
    I just love bags!!!!

    PS: Those of you extolling Kipling bags, YAAAASSS. They really are generally kind of lumpy and homely, but they are HARDWEARING and super well-constructed. Fabulous travel or gym/cycling/etc bags. Ahh.
  3. Ooohhhh....I would love to see your cheap, Mark, speedy looking bag!!!!
  4. Next time it comes out of storage I’ll post a pic:P
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  5. Most of my contemporary bags are vintage or the italian made ones bough from tj maxx/Marshall’s i love my contemporary bags just as my luxury ones. Aslong as the bag has a lovely leather and crafted well i dont mind the name.
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  6. For the most part, I carry Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, etc. But I still use a couple of Coach bags here and there when the occasion lends itself. Sometimes you just need a throw-around inexpensive bag. But I do have some pretty cute Coach bags I just can’t bring myself to sell. I love the Ali and have one in a deep plum suede and one in an uncoated beige canvas with citron leather trim that I’ll never part with. I use my Longchamp for toiletries when traveling or to protect a Chanel.
  7. If I see a beautiful bag when I'm traveling, say a leather bag in a Moroccan market, I will buy and carry that, but I don't buy contemporary branded bags. The only ones I have are Tumi and Longchamp for travel.
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  8. Nope, I buy mostly luxury but sometimes I come across a bag style/color/etc that I just love from contemporary or no-name brands. If it is well-made then I will buy. My latest purchase was a See by Chloe mini Joan bag in the color deep purple. Beautiful color and nice style. I just fell in love with the color of the bag so I bought it. So yes, I will still by contemporary bags. I do still buy cheaper bags for use in places like the amusement park, camp, sporting events, etc...any place the bag is likely to get dirty.
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    My collection and thinking about this has evolved.

    I didn’t expect to, but completely fell in love with coated canvas. I have always been a leather girl but the carefree durability and lighter weight have won me over. I carry canvas a lot.

    I only have a few premier bags, and even these are the more affordable options:
    Speedy B 25
    Neverfull MM in DE and DA
    Lady Dior Clutch in black lambskin
    Lady Dior Clutch in Powder Pink lambskin

    I also have a lot of LV SLGs because I love them.

    Coach 1941: I have 6 Rogues (3 different sizes, some plain and some with Tea Roses), 4 Dinkies (2 sizes), 3 Soho Crossbody and another 4-5 single bags of various styles.
    Longchamps: 5 Le Pliage shopping totes
    Leo et Violette: Le Violette bucket bag that I adore
    Polene: Polene No 1 (probably leaving my collection)

    I have a few Lululemon bags - I’ve found nothing better for the gym or active pursuits.

    Clearly I will buy a favourite style in multiples and like others I now think carefully about whether a new bag will just make me carry an existing one less before I buy.

    I find myself rotating far less frequently than a couple of years ago; once I move into my Speedy, a medium Rogue or a NF I could just happily carry them for a couple of months while occasionally grabbing a small bag for a day or evening out. That made me realize that while the notion of variety is nice, I am someone who likes certains features and will default to carrying bags that provide them. I also don’t carry bags in colours that require me to change them often, unless it’s in a small day or evening bag.

    If I had started with LV and Dior I would own less than half the Coach bags I do now. I’ve given a fair number away but will keep those I have because I do really like them all; I just don’t need quite this many.

    I can see myself buying from both premier and contemporary brands in the future, but at a much slower pace. I read somewhere that we have to collect for our real life not our fantasy life and that’s true. Outside of work or occasionally going out in the evening, I dress very casually. While I love them, I just don’t need a lot of small evening bags or WOCs. I almost bought a gorgeous red Diorama WOC at Christmas but talked myself down. I would have used it very rarely. I am trying to remind myself thst just because I like something doesn’t mean I have to own it.
  10. Hi, why are you thinking about letting your Polène no 1 go? I’m considering this bag for work and would be grateful for your opinion.
  11. I can’t warm up to the leather - I think it feels like foam. The size is a bit awkward too.
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  12. Thank you for answering! My biggest concern is the size, as I prefer my bags on the smaller, lighter side.
  13. +1!!!
    And I’d also buy a vintage designer or no name bag, if I loved the style. Some of them are so unique!
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  14. I started my collection with contemporary designers and have been into the "premier or luxury" designers since my first LV Speedy and since then I owned quite a few LVs, Gucci, Prada, Tod's and Burberry. However, I have never stopped buying or using my Coach or Longchamp handbags. In the past year I thought Coach has become really interesting again and I bought three of Coach handbags in the past 2 months. I found that they make good quality leather bags and pretty durable. I have a Coach bag that i bought in 2007 that is still in good condition. So, yes I will not stop buying or using contemporary bags.
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  15. I have not been able to use contemporary in more than a decade. I think that once I made the leap to Chanel in the mid-2000s I was spoiled for anything else. Right now, I am carrying Hermes and mid-range and contemporary bags don't even cross my thoughts. I know how snooty that sounds, but the difference in the highest quality vs. lower quality is astounding. I have fewer than 20 handbags now, but prefer quality over quantity.
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