Did you stop buying/using contemporary bags once you go luxury?

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  1. I agree, most of the higher quality but not lux brands are too plain. It is hard to find the combo of high quality and high design in a mid tier brand. There are some options but not many.

    And I know they are all knock-offs, but at least Michael Kors gives people a high end design option at a lower price point.
  2. Totally agree with you. I’m kind of sick of bags that are too “precious” to use much (Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, etc.) Got a new Coach Rogue and its awesome. Really nice but not too precious to use and amazing quality.
  3. I had a couple of LV bags but didn't use them often as my daily driver because I'm very tough on my bags and my job isn't suited to carrying nice things. My last purchase was a coach dinky which gets lots of use because of how practical it is for me lifestyle. It fits in my work tote and love its cross body functionality.

    I wish my lifestyle supported the use of higher end bags its just not my reality and after investing in some and having them sit in the closet I realized its a waste of money. I do buy premier SLG though.
  4. I have both high end bags (Chanel, LV, Fendi and so on) and contemporary ones. The bag that gets the most use is my Longchamp. I also use my MJ backpack a lot, it's lightweight and carries tons of stuff.
    I still buy both. I like contemporary bags a lot because they suit my lifestyle better. I have some high end designer clothes but most of my clothes are contemporary as well (Maje, Sandro, Theory) so it doesn't make sense to only carry bags that cost €€€€ if my clothes are max a few hundread euros and I also live modestly.
  5. Good question! I would say mostly yes; that has been the case for me. I still like contemporary designs (MBMJ comes to mind) but I never end up buy them. I bought a Furla shopping tote two Xmas ago and I have used it less than 5 times. I just sold it last week.

    I like Tory Burch and I think I will continue to buy her products, but only at sale price.

    The only contemporary brand bags is Longchamp. Love love their endurance.
  6. I am also a bag big fan. I carry both luxury and contemporary bags
    I decided with a friend since a few months to start my own accessory brand and noticed as you mentioned very well that there are not many brands in the mid tier that are with good quality and great design. Was wondering what you mean by great design?
  7. Many mid-tier brands go the "minimalistic" route - I assume because these bags are easier to construct. These bags can be pretty but there is a market out there for more interesting designs like the below. There is some embellishment with the flap and metal chain and horseshoe. Or see Chloe bags - they usually have a mix of leather and suede and they have the "chloe ring". Bags that aren't just leather bags.

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  8. Awesome — this is a great direction! Was wondering if you heard about danse lente and tara Zadah whose bag has a nice embellishment with a cultural reference to Iranian monuments the price point is 735 GBP which I find a little bit high given the size of the bag and the functionalities - your thoughts?

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  9. Okay, lets take Tara Zadah. I looked at her website and some bags on Nordstroms. Her bags are elementary shapes - circles and squares. Compare that to this Givenchy that has multiple shapes going on - and shapes that are a little more interesting than literal circles and squares.
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  10. I totally agree with you..
    I am working on some drawings i’ll Show them to you !
  11. Now that I have a LV bag, I'm not finding a lot of contemporary bags to be as desireable. It's weird and surprising. I went to TJ Maxx and my local consignment shops and none of the contemporary bag caught my eye. Even bags that I did sort of want don't catch my eye now. The one contemporary bag that I still want and just ordered because it's on sale is the Rogue. Ive been eyeing that bag for a long time. Other than that, there's no contemporary bags that I really want at the moment. That's probably a good thing as I won't make a bunch of impulse purchases on contemporary bags that I don't need.
  12. i didn't stop buying the contempo ones. they still have pretty styles. but i have stopped using them. been using the lux bags lately. oh dear. should i start selling my MKs and Coach bags? :smile:
  13. maybe if you're not using them
    Lesson I've learned - the older they get they less they will sell for
  14. I have both and use both!
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  15. once i started my luxury collection, i stopped buying contemporary and also sold all the ones i had. i don‘t find they compare and i‘d rather put the extra money torwards a lux brand handbag
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