Did you stop buying/using contemporary bags once you go luxury?

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  1. I did this for years until I was old enough, made enough money, etc, and finally bit the bullet on a luxury bag. (See what I just posted). One day when the time is right I suggest you do this, you’ll enjoy it!
  2. Sadly yes. I still have a few contemporary brands I love (mainly Mansur Gabriel) but I no longer reach for them much. Right now I’m pretty addicted to Chanel and i get more pleasure out of buying and wearing Chanel bags than other brands (although I also reach for my Celine micro belt and Loewe Puzzle regularly). It just makes more sense for me to use these bags that I paid so much for rather than have them sit in my closet.
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  3. I will always continue to use contemporary bags. I used Rebecca Minkoff everyday (my work tote) and Coach tote when I travel. I am really rough on my bags. For example, when I travel, I shove my totes under the seat in front of me. I could not do that to my LV or Chanel bags.
  4. LOL. I am almost 40 and most of my bags are premier.

    Anyway, I took the MJ backpack out today because it was raining and I didn’t want to use my neverfull, which is my usual diaper bag. This MJ bag fits most of my daughter’s diapering essentials, a mini pochette, the round coin purse and the agenda pm.

    It’s cute and there is nothing wrong with it. I should probably get the Palm Springs next but I really have my heart set on a Prada Inside bag. I’ll probably end up getting the Prada and continue to obsess over the Palm Springs! [emoji23]

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  5. Google Mike Gundy and his “I’m forty!!!” speech. Now that I’m approaching the big 4-0 I can’t get enough of it. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Aside from one or two bags I have kept for sentimental reasons, I gave away my contemporaries and primarily carry luxury now. They just make me happier to carry around in my mid-30s.
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  7. I like using my contemporary bags (I feel they are less precious) and have stowed away my luxury ones. I always keep an eye out for luxury bags because of their beautiful colorways, or their detailing/higher end hardware but with the steady price increases I hope for more companies to fill that market in between.

    I like the materials I'm seeing so far on Mansur Gavriel, Salar, Danse Lente, A.P.C., Sacai, etc, but the shapes are either too minimlistic, or too out-there.
  8. tbh i still can't shake my love for Juicy Couture esp daydreamer bags ! i just love cute what can i say.
  9. No. I love bags because they're beautiful and serves a function. I have actually sold or donated some of my luxury bags because I found that I don't love them as much as I thought. Chanel comes to mind. Big expensive mistakes made there. :nuts:

    I love my Coach 1941, MJ, Longchamp, Roots,Tumi, etc. as much as I love my Hermes. I am currently eyeing some Kipling bags. Been hearing good reviews about them and seeing them on my travels.
  10. Good for you!! The MJ strap matches really nicely!!

    Thank you!! Yes Kelly was my HG!! Got her in Bleu Electrique!!
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  11. I went through different phases, but now I mostly buy premier bags. I realized over time that premier bags have more staying power with me. I get more enjoyment out of them for a longer period of time because of their lasting aesthetics and good craftsmanship. I rarely get sick of them and carrying them gives me joy every time (very marie kondo of me).

    I do have a couple of exceptions however, and they're Longchamp and Clare V. They're well-made, practical, and their designs don't change drastically year to year.
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  12. Just got a Coach bag and I'm loving it! It's not a premier bag but I don't know what it is about it! I'm reaching out for it more than bags that cost thousands more! I'm actually thinking have I fallen out of love with other bags right now? :biggrin:

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  13. Lucky! :loveeyes: That Kelly of yours sounds like a beauty! Do you use it as an everyday bag?

    Also, Im thinking about putting feet on my Coach Parker tea rose bag I just got!
  14. Im replying to my kwn post:lol: I was reading it again and was thinking about my other beauties and I wanted to carry them now. Hahaha!:graucho:
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  15. I really love this bag from Coach. But I'm from a bag-buying "Diet" since I feel like I have too many bags and can't enjoy them all if I get another one.

    I think it's nice to have non-premier bags in one's bag collection since enjoying different looks and styles is something that I like to do. Also, I keep around my vintage Coach leather bags for running errands and going on adventures where I know I'll get dirt on my clothes and shoes. I don't want to go on a hike with my LV. :lol:
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