Did I do good?

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  1. OMG you are so lucky! lol it was meant to be haha i guess it's a good thing that guys don't know their value? :cool:
  2. Nice Boyfriend. Her loss is your gain. LOL That is a good deal!!
  3. No way in heck my husband would I give my husband back the bags he bought me if we broke up! She must be temporarily insane, lol.

    At least you benefit from the insanity! lol
  4. girl you done good...LOL! any pics
  5. This thread cracks me up.. great job on your new Louis! =)
  6. Congratulations on a classic bag and a startlingly low price. I've price checked at LV what it costs to replace the piping on the speedy 30 and the LV at 59th and Lex in NYC said only $150. I would just replace all the piping on your bag and then you can fully embrace it. My mono speedy needs the piping replaced bec. I would wipe the corners with a baby wipe if they got dirty and rubbed too much that the piping did indeed break through on 3 of the 4 corners. I learned my lesson and now I just do not wipe the piping on any bags and am mindful of what I bump into or just live and enjoy it and replace vachetta when needed.
  7. Sweet Deal :tup:
  8. Thats awesome! Post pics!!!!
  9. Got any pics?
  10. Great job! Share some pics! :smile:
  11. I took the bag into lv to ask about the piping repair... They said since it was only one corner they r going to do it for free!yeah!!!!
  12. wow!!! you got a steal! he needs to break up with girlfriends more often!!!
  13. Awesome! What a "start the car" moment that must have been when he said $100.00. Are you going to post a pic?
  14. Jealous!!!
  15. Great news!
    What a dummy ex-gf she didn’t have to return the gifts :noggin: only an engagement ring gets returned… you did good! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
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