Did I do good?

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  1. You did an awesome job!!!
  2. Wow, what a deal! Sooooooo jealous, but congrats!
  3. How do I post pics from my iPad?
  4. You did well!!! Congrats on the great deal!!
  5. Thank you! I'm excited!!!
  6. && now you get it fixed for free?! Lucky Duck! :biggrin:
    Now if the girl sees you with the bag, she will neeeever know it was the one she returned. muahahahahaha.
  7. I'm his EX GF ... Give me back my speedy !!!
  8. Queen Maria.....u r too funny! I almost fell off my chair when I saw ur response! Wouldn't it be funny if she was a member of tpf??? I'd die!! Lol
  9. Great deal, must post picture to make us drool!

  10. image-2513095851.jpg

  11. image-1509411222.jpg

  12. image-784456774.jpg

  13. image-3578960237.jpg
  14. Fainting over here! What a steal! This is benefitting from other people's crazy ex's, you are so lucky. Even the corner looks ok without a fix, but since LV is doing it for free, heck, why not! Great purchase. Why does this never happen to me? :crybaby::cry:

    Nice kitchen counter btw...
  15. Yeah I finally figured out how to post pics!!!!!! Ok the speedy is at the lv store now but these are pics of the bag I took before I took it in! See the one corner? Not bad right?? Ohh now I need to take pics of my collection sooo far!! I've been wanting to post pics just never knew how! All I had to do was download purse forum app on my iPad! Ohh crazy me!! Lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.