Did I do good?

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  1. Hi everyone!!! Tonight was pretty interesting! I was out walking my dog and on my way home I saw my neighbor outside. We got to talking and he told me he has just recently broken up with his girlfriend and she had given back some of the things he had bought her when they were still together. He said he had noticed that I carried Louis vuitton bags and was wondering if I would be interested in a speedy 30 ( he didn't know what it was called..said it looks like an old school mailbox,...lol) I of course said ok I'll check it out. Well the overall bag was great..canvas in perfect condition,leather handles was a med patina, piping was good with the exception of one corner the leather did wear down the the plastic piece is showing a bit ( not that noticeable). But overall it was in excellent condition...I asked him how much he wanted to sell it for and he said $100! The bag is made in USA and he bought it in 2007 he still had the receipt! I did good right girls??
  2. Im jealous. Lol!
  3. I'm just sitting here looking at the bag and I'm surprise that I got it for $100! The one corner kinda bugged me a bit but the bag is in such amazing condition I guess I don't care!!!! I just bought an damier Eva and mono artsy and I didn't need another bag! But for $100 it was toooo good to pass up!
  4. lol keep it!
  5. uhhhh, yeah!!!:woot::nuts: What a steal!!! Ya did good.
  6. Wayyyy too good to pass up! I can't believe the ex returned it :p
  7. I know! She returned a whole bunch of bags! Just 1 lv but he had like over 9 bags ! Coach and michael kors and dooney and juicy! I only wanted the lv..lol
  8. My kind of man. Hehehe.
  9. Jazzyj1021...ur hilarious! I know right! My kind of man too!
  10. He just came over and is hanging out with my brother ( they are about the same age) and told my bro he was going to give the rest of the bags to my lil sister (16) ... Lol what a guy!
  11. I hope you share some pics!!! You did excellent! Good for you!!!! :smile:
  12. Haha Thanks!!
    If I was the ex girlfriend I would be just sitting thinking omg.. what have I done?!
  13. Are you having kind of remorse? Don't! You did a great good both to your neighbor and yourself.
  14. I need to figure out how to post pics! I wanted to share all the bags I've been getting lately! My bf is giving me dirty looks cause he knows this will only get me excited to get more bags I don't need!
  15. Jazzyj1021... I know! What if they get back together and she wants the bag back??? I'm sooooo not giving it back!!! Where am I going to get a real lv speedy for $100 in this condition!?!
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