Did I do good?

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  1. He would have to buy her a new one then! That's what adult people do!
  2. I hope so! Lol
  3. I think that would be pretty low to want the bag back.
  4. Wow!
  5. Yeah but I've heard of crazy ex girlfriend stories and my neighbors ex girlfriend is one crazy girl! My neighbor is around 20 years old and his ex was like 17-18 years old but she acts like she is 10! Lol but oh wells I paid him the cash so the bag is all MINE!!! They broke up only yesterday he said and she came by today and threw them in front of his door! One by one! Crazy huh? Lol crazy for them but great for me!!!
  6. Wow! Great deal. If the poor girl only knew LOL. She did give them back though...which is crazy! She could have sold it herself and made a profit if she didn't want the bags. I've never been in her situation but I can tell you if I were....those bags would not be going back to anyone. I'd be screaming MINE like a two year old. LMAO. Yes girl you did reaaaal good :smile:
  7. You did well out of the deal!
  8. What a deal! Congrats!
  9. great deal! what help would it be to return the gifts to the partner.. he must feel so much better with cash rather than things he doesnt appreciate...
  10. omg, wow!!!!!!!!!!

    though i can understand why she returned them.lol...this is why i insist on buying my own bags with my own money!
  11. exactly.
  12. Yes you did. :biggrin:
  13. You could repair the piping get a quote from LV repair you got such a good deal
  14. great deal!!
  15. Oh yeahhhhh !!! I just wonder who is
    that GF of your neighbor that return a
    LV to an EX ??? Hahaha I won't !!! Lol

    Their break up benefits you ! Lol
    Good deal my dear ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.