Diamond stud wearers - do you take them out at night?

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  1. ALL my jewelry comes off when I get home, I have a little basket next to my bed so that I won't forget...
  2. I take them off or the needles will pierce my skin as my ears are set inwards. Plus, I sleep on my side more.
  3. How can anybody wear studs in bed? The pointed backs dig into me!
  4. how?

    when i first got the piercings, i had no choice, but to wear them when i slept, which is how im able to do it now. also my diamonds have screw on backs, which is why i dont worry about losing them when i sleep
  5. I wear my studs to sleep. Only take them off to clean. I also wear my wedding and engagement rings and my watch.
    I take off bracelets and necklaces.
  6. I take off all my jewelry before sleeping generally...can't sleep with it on.
  7. I tend to keep my diamond studs on when I sleep but it does depend on my mood. As for any other jewelry, I can't wear necklaces ( I seemed to have developed some reaction to them since my mom died), I don't wear bracelets and my rings and watches all come off before bed.
  8. I keep a small necklace and my Tiffany diamond studs on, they're screw back and don't poke me at all. I take off my watch for sure.
  9. I ALWAYS took of my earrings until I got my diamond studs with screw backs. Now its too much of a hassle to remove them at all. I also sleep with my diamond pendant on, my e-ring and band. The only stuff I remove are bracelets, my watch and my RHR. (Or any EXTRA stuff I wear for the day)
  10. Nope! Too lazy. They bugged me at first but now I'm used to it - just have to lie a certain way sometimes. :smile:
  11. i always leave my earrings in while i sleep (unless i'm wearing chandelier earrings or something like that). i never have a problem with the backs poking me, and i know if i take them out, i'll forget to put them back in or i'll just be too lazy to.
  12. I take mine off and put them in the box. If I leave my earrings in then my ear holes stretch. Does anyone else encounter this problem??
  13. Nope, I never take them off they r very comfy and most of the time i forget I am wearing them.

  14. I do the same ^^^^^ thing. I only take them out if they are in the 1st hole. For some reason, I just can't sleep in them.
  15. I will sometimes sleep with them in. I always sleep with my RH diamond ring on. Bracelets and necklaces vary. It just depends on my mood. No watches though - that just seems odd.
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