Diamond stud wearers - do you take them out at night?

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  1. I never take off my studs unless:

    1) taking them off to give them a good cleaning
    2) taking them off to put them away and wear a different pair of earrings....
  2. you keep them in your ears even when you wash your hair or scrub your face with a mask?
  3. Yuppers. I figure if shampoo cleans my hair, it will also clean my studs.... Lol :P
  4. Hahahaha! This is my theory too... I mean hey I'm sure the suds brush over it at some point?
  5. LOL I use my clarisonic face scrubber to clean my studs! I figure i'm already doing my face...
  6. Studs are the best every day earrings. They have the screw backs so they dont tighten when you sleep on them. I love mine. Especially after I upgraded. :smile:
  7. I can't feel them anymore! But they are there!
    cost per wear by today: about 500$. will have to wear them a few more days to come to a reasonable cost per wear-price tag. :graucho: