Diamond stud wearers - do you take them out at night?

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  1. yes .. everything comes off except my watch!
  2. Yes I take off all jewelry and on a regular basis I wear my ering, diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelet and diamond solitare necklace.
  3. I noticed the screw hurts my ear holes when I put them in and out every day, that's why I started sleeping with the studs in my ears.
  4. Never, I keep them in 24/7
  5. Nope! I'm completely comfortable in them. The only time I take them out is to clean them and then they go right back in.
  6. :Just can't do it!! Both my pairs have screw backs & while it's a pain to take them off & put them on daily.. They really bug me while I sleep & disturb my beauty sleep:P
    Wish I was more responsible in putting them away every night in a box( like some other members). Have woken up a few times to find they've dropped off the night stand with the phone charger wire...& panicked..
  7. I keep mine in 24/7 also because the screw posts make my ears sore when I take them out and put them back in. I wish I has a solution for this.
  8. I keep them on 24/7 except when I go swimming.
  9. I tried taking them off, but the da*n screw backs are so freekin' tight ...I couldn't handle it..patience is not my virtue. So, now I take them off 1x per week to clean and that is it my friends.
  10. I just take 'em off for cleaning! If I took them off every night I'd just forget to put them on in the morning lol.
  11. When I used to wear my studs, I took them off regularly before taking showing and going to bed.
  12. Can't stand wearing studs at night, makes my ears sore!
  13. I sleep with my studs in as it doesn't bother me. I suppose I'm also a bit concerned that if I screwed and unscrewed them each day that I might wear down/strip the threads?
  14. i wear mine all the time...along with my 2 love bracelets...i used to wear my necklaces too but then thought maybe i should try to take those off before sleeping/showering, tho now that ive taken them off (since last week) i havent worn them or any necklace...

    im super lazy so i know if i have to take off and put things on daily, ill likely just never wear them or wear just 1-2 times a year lol...
  15. I sleep with them because it's better for my ears: the screws irritate my ear holes when I pull them out every day and put them back in the next morning.