Diamond stud wearers - do you take them out at night?

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  1. Thanks for answering!
  2. Yes I do. I take off all my jewelry at night.
  3. Yes, everything comes off except my love bracelets.
  4. i wear mine all the time.
  5. I used to take them out but then I lost one. My DH said he'd only replace them if I never took them out...
  6. I always take them out.
  7. I cannot sleep with any earrings on, so I do take mine out.
  8. I leave mine in. Knowing me, I'll lose them if I take them on and off. (or the dog will eat it if it falls on the floor... gawd forbid... lol)
  9. i take mine off when i get in my front door.
  10. I'm so surprised! I thought most people left them in. Interesting. :smile:
  11. I leave mine in 24/7, but that's because my ears are doubled pierced and they're in the higher of the two piercings. I only take them out to clean them.
  12. Nope. I lose jewelry left and right when I take anything off, so I don't take mine off.
  13. Never take them out except to clean or if I'm putting in a different pair of earrings for the day. Only jewelry I take off is my watch and all rings. Leave whatever pendant I have on on along with my Love bangle.
  14. I never take them out. I'm too lazy.
  15. They come out. Otherwise they poke my head!
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