Defects on Michael Kors Hamilton bags...

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  1. Can anyone else share their stories?

    After just 20 days of owning the Michael Kors Hamilton tote, I discovered scratches on the silver hardware. Of course, this was due to no fault of my own as the lock automatically rubs against the handle it hangs onto and so does the chain on both handles. I don't mind the latter, but the former makes the bag look unsightly.

    I would have appreciated being pre-warned about this as I could have done something to prevent it. For instance, I could have taken off the lock or tied it in place or placed an invisible plastic protector around the hardware on which the lock hangs on. I took it to a Michael Kors store and was told to go to the original store at which I purchased it and talk to the manager. Do you think I would be able to have my bag repaired without paying anything? Will they exchange it for another bag?

    Secondly, has anyone used the protective spray? Did you have to do it yourself or did they do it for you? Does it really protect against snow and rain? And how often do you have to use it?
  2. I find it interesting that no one else has experienced this problem even though the Sales Associate I talked to said it was fairly pedestrian.
  3. I've only been using my bag for a little under a week, but I would imagine it would be a common thing. You are bound to end up banging the lock on a doorway or other items.
  4. Actually I can relate to this...I ordered my Hamilton bag from Zappos and it already CAME with a few all can imagine how angry I was about that. Little ones on the lock...some weird stuff INSIDE the lock..(tried to get it out with a q tip), a little scratch on the leather underneath the strap that's in the front with the lock... drove me nuts.

    I think it's worth taking it to the store and inquiring about it since you didn't buy it all that long ago...I haven't used any products yet but would be willing to hear other's opinions as I'm having a similar problem... Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes!!
  5. I have babied my bag since I bought it. The scratching is only in places where the hardware is connected to another hardware piece. It's really unsightly and I would prefer it if they replaced it so that I could use it without the lock to prevent scratching.
  6. Thanks! :smile: I hope they do something about it.
  7. crap. now i'm paranoid. i looked at my hamilton and it has scratches from the lock rubbing against the plate. i cannot unsee. *frownies*

    anyone know if we can buff out scratches?

    it's a shame hamilton doesn't have the plastic covering over the hardware plates like the wallets and wristlets have for their name plates.

    i once had a mk bag that had a huge gold buckle plate on it that had a large and very distinct scratch on it. i bought it for the size and the price (70% off + 20% off), but the scratch was really bothersome to look at. i think if that bothers you, it doesn't hurt to try to go back to the store and see what they say. hopefully they don't think you're being nitpicky but you're the one who has to live with it.
    as for that bag, even with such a great deal, i had to return it because it made me learn that i'm allergic to calf hair. who knew?
  8. I've had my bag for a couple of months now, I haven't noticed any scratches, but I'll start being more careful now. I noticed that my lock doesn't work that great, but since I really don't plan to use it, I just didn't worry about it.
  9. My MK has a big dangling "MK" charm that bangs against everything that I walk too close too. At first I was super concerned but now I just don't care that much. It is super scratch but you can't really see it unless you are looking for the scratches. I love my bag anyway :heart: If they don't do anything about it at the store I hope it doesn't get super bad to the point you don't like the bag anymore :\
  10. Well, I really do like the bag. It's practical and it's a classic, it's certainly a staple among the models. I just wish I was pre-warned about the scratching so I could prevent it somehow. I'm going today and I really hope they do something since they do offer a 1 year warranty.
  11. Well, they didn't do anything. She said that there was no way that I could get a new bag and that she could recommend a cobbler, but I'd have to foot the bill.

    This is contrary to their 1 year warranty policy:
    Handbags are protected from the original date of purchase by a one-year limited warranty (proof of purchase required). If the handbag or small leather good proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use anytime within the first year, we will repair or replace the item free of charge with same or comparable product. Defective handbags will not be returned to customer.

    It has been 24 days since the original purchase and there was nothing they could do for me. I definitely will not be shopping at Michael Kors anymore.
  12. Since its been less than 30 days can you just return ir?
  13. It?
  14. I've had my luggage with silver hardware for about 2 years now. I can barely see any scratches at all anywhere. I don't use it everyday but it is in rotation with about 4 other bags.
  15. No, it's only exchange at that point and on unused merchandise.