Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

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  1. Just got these in, the flat ones. These are my 2nd pair
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  2. IMG_1510554040.040116.jpg
    out for a stroll with these guys.
  3. Hey everyone -- I'm looking for a pair of beige or taupe 70MM BBs. I'm not having a lot of luck online and was hoping that someone might have a SA recommendation that they can PM me? Thank you!! :flowers:
  4. Hello fellow Manolo lovers! Can you please give me tips on how to you clean your Hangisi´s when they get dirty? How do you clean them and avoid water stains? Thanks
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  5. Congratulations on your purchase!!!
    Which size did you end up with?
    I received the same pair but in pink. They are very comfortable but I have a gap at the back (a finger space) although the length feels fine.
    I am returning for half size down again. I'm usually a 37.5 (rockstuds 100)
    So I ordered the 37 in these.
    I hope the 36.5 won't then be too snug at the front. Your last are so beautiful
  6. Pretty new to this brand - fall of 2017 my first purchase.. here I present my little collection.

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  7. Congratulations, you have a beautiful collection. I am receiving my pink and silver glitter ones today. I returned the 37 for half size down. I hope they fit
  8. Share some pictures :smile:
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  9. So my pink and glitter ones arrived in a 36.5. I returned the 37 as it was too big with gaps at the back.
    They are so beautiful ✨
    Only problem is the toebox on these 36.5 pinch. Has anyone managed to stretch their hangisi toe boxes?
    Do they stretch much over time or should I return them?
    Thank you ladies ❤️

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  10. Hi everyone,

    since this seems to be the biggest Manolo group, I'm posting here. I came across this website yesterday, manolo blahnik outlet online. Has anyone purchased from this website, and are they authentic? Thanks !
  11. You don't get authentic anything at bargain basement prices. Photos are stolen from the web.
  12. Do the crystals ever come in Coloured version? I saw someone wearing a blue hangisi flats but with blue coloured crystals. Searched online but only saw green hangisi flats with green and yellow crystals.
  13. These are the best! So comfortable and elegant! I can wear mine for 12+ hours and feel great! Enjoy these beauties!
  14. Last year, I bought a pair of Manolos. The length is great but the toe part is pinching so much. My SA said they can stretched the toe part so I left it. After a week, went back to try it - the toe part is now comfortable but the also stretch the length hence it was slipping off. I ended up returning them. I have not come across of shoe stretcher just for the toe area.

  15. A good shoemaker would only have stretched the toe box and not the entire shoe. If you can find someone reliable that would be great. I personally use Leather Spa in NY, for me they are the best.
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