DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. Today’s stack.

  2. Hump Day DY Stack!!!!
  3. Saturday's 1517114308886.jpg
  4. My little stack 20180128_172931%7E2.jpg
  5. Love DY IMG_20180202_162646_374.jpg
  6. The weekend stack.
  7. 192B577D-E1B1-48EB-999E-F168311709C3.jpeg 18DB348A-421B-44EB-8866-4F5ECE33A328.jpeg
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  9. 20180214_120010%7E2.jpg
  10. does anyone have either of these bangles? I'd love to see them in a stack!!

    DY Barrel Bangle with Diamonds: DY Barrel Bracelet.png

    DY Faceted Stax Bangle:
    DY Faceted Bangle.jpg
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  11. ☺️

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  12. OMG I have never even heard of David Yurman but I just looked through this thread and love those bracelets! Do the open ended ones fit a very small wrist? Are they generally worn stacked or do they still look good with just one?
  13. Yes, they fit a small wrist. The trick to the cable bracelets, the open ended ones, is to get the proper size. Frankly, that is true of all bracelets. I didn't think I could wear a Yurman cable until I tried a size S from a Yurman boutique. They also have an XS in certain styles. Many department stores only carry a M which rolled sideways and was just too big for my wrist. To wear, put the bracelet on by sliding the open end along the wrist from the side of the wrist which is the narrowest part, twist to upright, and then squeeze to fit the way you want it to. Alone or stacked with many other styles, they are beautiful and timeless.
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  14. I found an open ended one that says it will fit 5.75" or smaller. My wrist is 4.5" or just under. Will that be ok? I can just squeeze it to how tight I need it? Thank you for all your help!
  15. Actually I meant 5 1/4 - 5 1/2" is my wrist not 4.5'! So i think a small will be fine.