DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. Both your stacks are gorgeous! I agree Yurman's mixed metals are just beautiful.
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  2. Today’s stack :smile: ignore my hands haha they’re dry!

    7mm pearl
    7mm Renaissance

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  3. Just came back from David Yurman and got the 5mm Renaissance pink tourmaline gem bracelet. It's my early push gift . Baby is due in a week. The Pearl 7mm represents me and my husband (both June birthdays) and the amethyst 7mm represents my first son (February birthday). They don't have any 7 mm bracelet with pink tourmaline (October birthstone) so this was the next best thing. I'm excited for my October baby to come soon! IMG_20180930_155912.jpg
  4. Very pretty and congrats on your new baby! I am also looking to get a stack to represent mine, my husband and my son’s birthstones.
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  5. ❤️

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  6. Saving up to buy these babies! IMG_20181014_131655.jpg
  7. E2150F8D-823F-4925-A75B-C7765E95FB63.jpeg 954B1086-7477-44BE-8AE2-BB3E1D38FB63.jpeg DY + Lagos = Happy Stacksgiving!
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  8. [emoji173] IMG_20181025_210656_459.jpg
  9. Hi all! I love looking at all the amazing stacks. I recently received my first DY bracelet and I would love to stack it with my Michele watch. I see a lot of watch/bracelet combos that I love, but just wondering if they are more prone to scratching each other together? [​IMG]
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  10. Is it just me but did David Yurman discontinued a lot of very nice bracelets back in 2016? Thank you
  11. I've got my eye on a couple new cuffs!
  12. Love your stacks! Did the gold end caps on the classic 5mm cable cuff w stones change a little? The ones I saw in store this weekend seem pointier or sharper edge or less rounded than mine? Not sure how to describe..
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