DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. After a little bit of browsing on here, I noticed there aren't too many threads talking about David Yurman! I LOVE seeing how other people mix and match their Yurman, especially when other jewelry designers are mixed into the stack. So ladies, show me your Yurman stacks!
    I'll go first!


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  2. Love the link bracelet--every woman should have a statement link! Can I ask: is it the regular, large or XL?

  3. It is the medium or regular size for 275$ the price is amazing IMO!! and I completely agree with you, I absolutely love mine!
  4. Mine :cloud9:

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  5. Bumping this thread! I would love to see more DY bracelets!

  6. Thank you! I totally agree!!

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  7. these stacks are lovely :smile:
  8. Love these
  9. So pretty!
  10. I know that they arent super popular, but i am on a budget and i found an anondized black aluminum yurman bangle and i really want it :smile:
    I think it would stack very well!
  11. I can't wait to join the club. I'm so in love with these pieces.

  12. I think it will look nice in a stack as well. Please post pics if you decide to get it :smile:
  13. I want to get it, but a good point made by a fellow tpf'er is that it is made of aluminum which would dent? It is made of solid aluminum though.. I have a solid aluminum mecklace that I have beaten up a bit and held up well. So I wonder...
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394840563.263844.jpg

    My stack today
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  15. Lovely!