DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. You will know its the right size if it doesn't turn sideways or spin around as you wear it. It should feel comfortable once on and tightened a bit with a gentle squeeze. The 3 beautiful ones Orchidlady posted in her picture seem to fit her perfectly. Be sure to post pics!
  2. IMG_0792.jpg

    I'm in awe of everyone's stacks, love it!

    Sometimes I'll add my Hermes with my Yurman, I also like to wear the Hermes with just my chain link Yurman bracelet! [emoji173]️

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  3. Gorgeous! I have the same H bracelet and love it with my DY cable :love:
  4. CE1E3339-EB70-47E3-B26C-959BFF6F2583.jpeg Stack of the day ❤️
  5. I just felt like sharing!!![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173] 20180705_001450.jpg
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  6. David Yurman Black Onyx and Blue Topaz Old World bracelet. Fun little bracelet that DH surprised me with. 20180709_214902.jpg 20180709_214911.jpg 20180709_214814.jpg

    Maybe a little too busy stacked? 20180709_215554.jpg
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  8. Anyone had a diamond fall out of their 5mm cuffs? How much is repair?
  9. My birthday present 0803181638.jpg
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  10. Got these today! 20180827_161314.jpg
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  11. SOTD IMG_20180904_202402_022.jpg
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  12. Just bought the John Hardy Naga cuff and was wondering if it would play nicely with my everyday Yurman stack??? 790B5286-DF06-4AA7-AAD9-D39A3BC16B81.jpeg 27C8BA7D-2699-4F82-9CE7-5661148899F8.jpeg
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  13. Looks gorgeous, love how the different sizes play off each other
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  14. IMG_7621.jpg

    *silver stack*
  15. IMG_0651.jpg

    *silver and yellow gold stack*

    Yurman does the silver and yellow gold mix so well, it’s what made me fall in love with the designs