DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. Just added the pearl classic cable crossover bracelet to make my first stack!

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  2. IMG_1505604323.191987.jpg

    Today stack :smile:
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  3. Ladies, I need your help! I purchased two 5mm cable bracelets when I started my first job after finishing my undergrad. That was 7 years ago and I haven't been wearing them as frequently because I feel like I need something bigger. I've always loved the Renaissance but is the 10mm too big? I went to a store on a Saturday to try it on and the saleslady immediately told me it was too big. It was so busy in the store I just left feeling discouraged. Do you think it's worth trying to find a 10mm Renaissance in a small (vs medium) size to fit my wrist better?

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  4. I have the same problem. The 10mm is a lot of bracelet for a small wrist because the cable is so thick. You could do a 10mm in a flatter style, like Labryth for example, but it is tough to wear the 10mm with the roundness of the cable. Have you tried a 7mm or an 8.5 cable with the colored stones and possibly diamonds? Or, try a smaller 5mm Renaissance stacked with the bracelets you already have. Finally, your SA should be willing to get the 10mm you like (or any bracelet you like for that matter) in a small so you can try it just to put the matter to rest for you.
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  5. The SA checked and she said no one has a small of the bracelet (in any gem variation). I've seen at least one on resale sites but I don't know if I'm ready to pull the trigger. I'll look into the 8.5 but I love the square/diamond accent stones vs the 8.5 usually has the round cabochons. The heart wants what the heart wants but darnit I wish it wasn't so picky! :doh:
  6. Of course, you are right. You want what you want and I totally get that! I hate having my heart set on something as then no substitute will do. Best of luck on your search for the perfect piece. Post a pic when you find your bracelet.
  7. IMG_1049.JPG
    These are both small wrist size bracelets. I don't wear them together but this shows an 8.5mm vs 10mm in the small. I find the 8.5mm to be much more lightweight, therefore more comfortable and wearable.
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  8. David Yurman stack with my diamond tennis bracelet. Just added a Henri Daussi diamond band to my wedding set.
    9E7786AC-9E7E-45A7-AA26-900DEBF82099.jpeg A7B0C267-B544-4FFD-8E9A-6E9B31C785FA.jpeg
  9. I love your gold DY!! Is it difficult to get on and off?
  10. Nope super easy! I just slide it on or off. I love my spira cuff ❤️
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  11. Gorgeous! Your SA can special order that cuff in a size small for you with just a down payment.
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  12. Hi all! I received my first DY 5 mm cable in amethyst for my 19th birthday and recently added my second in blue topaz for the birth of my son!

    I love love the idea of adding for life occasions but am a little disappointed to find that the design of the cable bracelets has changed slightly in 10 years. Both are definitely authentic, as one was purchased at Neiman Marcus in 2008 and the second from Nordstrom this year.

    If you notice, the grooves on the amethyst bracelet seem a little bigger and deeper, the oxidation is more pronounced as well... Also, the gold three tiered tips are pretty different. Is anyone else bothered by this or am I just crazy OCD?!

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  13. here are my two stacks, one is two-tone and the other all gold.

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  14. 3EA2AAC3-A981-420E-BE31-3D96BD39653B.jpeg This is the stack I wear most often. The middle bracelet is Lagos, I’ve been really enjoying mixing the two brands
  15. No stack but sharing my lovely cable wrap ring in Amethyst with diamonds. [​IMG]
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