DAVID YURMAN lovers, show your stacks!

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  1. DY amulets

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  2. Starlight and Rubies

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  3. Two of my faves - DY and Lilly Pulitzer! I sold my turquoise DY bracelet. Seeing yours makes me regret it!
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  4. image.jpg
    Today's little stack.
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  6. IMG_8686.JPG 5mm stack for Monday
  7. 20170821_153323.jpeg today
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  10. Thank you. Some of my favorite pieces are from the Ceramic collection
  11. Ive been on a David Yurman bracelet binge. Started my collection with these pretties.

    I dont wear them all at once of course. 20170901_200550.jpg 20170901_195714.jpg
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  12. IMG_1504934463.664150.jpg

    Mine stack
  13. IMG_1504995265.585672.jpg

    Today stack