Dark Fairytale

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  1. Pt. 4.
    CD114B4F-CB61-4ED6-9D58-9F28ECE1270C.jpeg 1F8369B8-062D-43D0-9F35-87F785F84105.jpeg EFC0A9A3-C9E4-4EAE-89DF-42971DDB2F6F.jpeg D9DE0840-FACD-4EDC-8A87-1AAB8AE90A80.jpeg 6FE886E8-2DF6-43FB-A676-E1DF15A51036.jpeg C2DE2C33-4723-4341-B6C1-DF7369D442DF.jpeg
  2. Ordered one for a guest today. That’s still full price.
  3. It's full price even though it was half price on FOS?
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  4. This is coming from retail. Not outlet. It’s in Jax and with it going through as an orde, it’s showjng full price.
  5. Oh, your previous post said that their were still some dark fairy tale items at 50% off, so I assumed that meant all of them.
  6. The majority are. This was one of the few I came across that are still showing at full price.
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  7. @AntRay23 - Sorry, I'm new-ish to the thread... you're saying that for the majority of the items you posted, we can call and order at 50% off? Haha, if that's the case I may need to dig back through this thread for 1-2 style numbers :biggrin:
  8. I don't know why they are doing that. They already dumped all of these bags at the outlet, put them on FOS, etc--it is incredibly stupid of them to keep that bag full price now after so many people had the opportunity to buy it 50% off.
  9. Maybe they always put it back on FP so that they can show they are 70% off at the outlet?
  10. Who knows? lol. I just know I am done with this line anyway. I keep pretending my two full price items are different than all of these they can't seem to get rid of. :smile:
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  11. $197.50 is a great price for the spooky eyes duffle bag, that’s what I paid. Considering it was $395.
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  12. Yeah, I wouldn't pay more than that on principle.
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  13. @AntRay23 too bad there is no "HAPPY" charm! I kinda wanted one of those! :biggrin:
  14. There is!!!
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  15. @bluesh4rk - One of the ladies also posted in the outlet spy pics recently, showing a bunch of the “happy” charms. Might be worth a call or trip to your local outlet if there’s one close to you :smile:
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