Dark Fairytale

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  1. Can you post more pictures?
  2. Thank you so much! You made me want this bag lol the colors are gorgeous together. Stopped by the livermoore outlets today and they had a bunch of colors and a lot of the dark fairytale collection. I was gonna grab the spooky eyes charm but decided against it.....needless to say I regret that decision and wish I could have grabbed it
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  3. You are welcome. Did you buy this bag?

    I ordered the zip around wallet and Sleepy and Sneezy bag charms.

  4. Yes! I returned the light saddle I picked up and got this one instead. No regrets! It's gorgeous
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  5. Congrats! I love the contrasting colors. The black are perfect with the army green.
  6. My newest Dark Fairy Tale pieces.

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  8. Thanks.
  9. I am super late to the party but hubby got me a df rogue for Christmas I would love to find some accessories like the skull card case or a wallet. Is everything long gone?
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  10. They have some good deals on eBay, I was able to score the skull card case for $50 with shipping
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  11. Good husband!
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  13. I was able to get the spooky eyes duffle 20 during the Christmas outlet sale. They had some retail items available. The spooky eyes duffle had sold out super fast, but I called and they had 6 available at retail. I told the woman over the phone that I had missed he sale from the outlets online but was an invited customer. She honored the outlet price and gave it to me! A few weeks later I searched for he spooky eyes wallet and found it online from END. Clothing in the UK at their website. It was the last one they had! So loving my set!
    4E04642B-81B0-4C37-9AF0-DEBB4A11766B.jpeg C4B44AB8-F7FE-4668-AC83-AFB01F59F54F.jpeg 1F2326D2-78D4-45F7-8CF1-2EBD1B90D6CB.jpeg
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  14. Congrats! Hope you love your new Disney DF beauties. Enjoy. Bag twin.
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