Dark Fairytale

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  1. I’m in love. IMG_5414.jpg
  2. How did you get this?! I tried to order several items, and my SA told me that the system was unable to process them!
  3. Very cool! Please show more pictures if you're able. I'm patiently waiting to see if anything "speaks" to me. I love the Dark Fairytale idea, I just need to see more!

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  4. Cool!
  5. Is this line coming out now?! I thought it was for this fall!
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  6. Bicester in the UK have them personally they aren't for me even if I had any .Money which I dont
  7. Post. More. Pics. Pllleeeaaassse (and thank you).

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  8. This collection is not available until May. It will not be available for sale until the actual launch date.
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  9. But can we get more pictures before the launch date? You know, a little Coach porn? :graucho: :lol:
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  10. Sadly not until Coach releases them. Or one of tPFers ends up getting their hands on more like they do somehow, lol. I wish I could help more with this!

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  11. Bummer! I was hoping the merchandise photos would show up soon on Coach's computers.
  12. The top one looks like it could be a Charlie...basing that on the handle placement with the tag hanging from it.
  13. It’s a market tote. :smile:

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  14. Well that stinks....but saves me money...I'm not a tote girl. C'est La Vie!
  15. Do you know when this month.......beginning....middle?