Dark Fairytale

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  1. For people that are still interested in this collection, there are quite a few pieces that are still available to order at 50% off.
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  2. Never heard of end?
  3. Hi stranger!
  4. Hi!!!! I know it’s been a while!!
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  5. Would you mind sharing where? Are they on the outlet site?
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  7. There not online. It’s through a system in the stores. It’s 50% off for retail. Not outlet. Is there something specific you’re looking for?
  8. I’d be curious to see if they did have any of the spooky eyes zip around wallets men’s or the women’s version with poison Apple? Item 32646 or item 33057
  9. 33057 is sold out. The other style number didn’t pop up as anything. I can post photos of what’s available once I’m home. :smile:
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  10. Yes thanks, 32646 is the Men’s spooky eyes wallet with poison Apple charm. Last I called coach they said sold out. I’m just curious.
  11. I’ll check again tmr.
  12. Pt. 1.
    A81988DF-5E75-4E3F-A5A9-931C1135C9EC.jpeg C15930C9-2B39-4187-A366-EB3341F18E87.jpeg 7E0F992D-8294-48E6-A6A1-915AEBE4D02B.jpeg 25CCCF45-2263-45D2-8A22-F59595F2B854.jpeg 6E899042-7052-49F5-A739-6BBD8D3B901A.jpeg 7F588D0B-47EF-4C9F-AECE-00D0F2353CA2.jpeg 87E5E10C-2EAE-4630-A4E8-3D6BC184B6DC.jpeg 68C020B9-03C6-4A86-B67A-32E8A7D4464E.jpeg 05288C87-37AB-4899-B03B-93D3870E2D32.jpeg CC8F21BF-8EFF-43DA-9326-27AEB84F5E4A.jpeg
  13. Pt. 2.
    D2140FC6-52F8-40EC-919A-89612E958DA9.jpeg B31B9BF2-6440-4E84-9AE0-C3C030A08863.jpeg BFF98874-CA9C-4874-84ED-0FF70EEE004F.jpeg A645D7A6-271E-4005-9967-5A852A1534C8.jpeg F4FA082D-0B40-4BB3-AF3D-DCE470C7A530.jpeg AF167F2A-E60C-4AFF-B588-02D19E33CA3F.jpeg 16B41F5B-711D-4794-A87E-6EBA986600E2.jpeg DB43A613-0861-4F74-8D82-4E50BF7B816B.jpeg 14719F80-8410-4436-AA02-1ED6B0CD2EB7.jpeg 65F8F745-3FA1-46AA-866E-F9338938FF0D.jpeg
  14. Pt. 3.
    BC7A42D0-0EE0-4FFF-9D65-98B547D1363D.jpeg 91296C6A-81D8-4E03-A525-6F86A389F46A.jpeg 29C1D7A9-16E6-4EAC-BD66-F6426796522F.jpeg B8B6E384-0D59-4AF1-9AC9-57E62FBAE23A.jpeg DE690259-1DE8-498C-B3B1-C64CC55034F7.jpeg A9CF4D13-5B7F-4AA9-84C1-45B84259D9AE.jpeg 60FD439A-FC61-48B5-A3A6-8EA63478FA9A.jpeg B23E4BF4-8AF2-4856-95C5-9DCD28420732.jpeg 5271390F-7C3F-4CEB-A928-509E0B4FDE0E.jpeg FDB1E748-F45A-4374-A171-35835E70787A.jpeg
  15. Wow, that's a lot! I'm so tempted by the spooky eyes duffle.