Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. Seems like I always must have more than one of each model...I own most of my Chloés ( and other bags ) in different colors...:shame:
  2. So I've done the same thing on long boring work functions- meetings, luncheons... that I really don't wanna be at. I take one of my favorite bags and when the speaker is going on and on, I'm content :smile: I've got my girl in my lap
  3. Oh, Chloe, i wish i could afford buying my fav styles in different colours... I count myself lucky, though... I never thought i'd have several Chloes when my addiction started a couple of years ago...
  4. I am addicted to the Heloise and own a myriad in different styles and colourways. This trend is now spreading to the paraty but Heloise always has my heart !!
  5. I am with you on that, goobervision. :smile:

    Heloise is a favorite, too - but I cheat on her with Paraty and Marcie! Love them all for different reasons!! Might be getting an Ethel even, and a Carey if I can see one in IRL. But Heloise will always be a cherished favorite!
  6. Or a chanel !!! :biggrin:
  7. haha same here!
  8. oooh... fun thread! i joined this blog in feb 2009 and this is my second post ever! so drumroll.....

    my confession is i really should be in bed with my hubby right now but here i am on purse forum satiating my chloe obsession. :blush: and is it really a sin to want every desirable color in the style you like?! coz i can't help it! i justify the colors for moods and seasons. and i justify the collection as something my future daughter could enjoy as vintage chloe some day... (and no, i'm not even preggers, but it's a good reason right?)
  9. I just got my first Chloe (Paraty in Midnight blue) 2 days ago..and really in love..:love:

    Back to the topic, ok for me.. when I really love sth.. I will bring it to sleep with me on the when I get new bags, or even new clothes that I really like.. I will let them sleep with me (a week at least)..
  10. .... Girls, am I the only one who has a ridiculously difficult time deciding on a colour for my Chloe bags? I am usually fairly decisive about colours but I seem to always agonise with Chloe! I just ordered a small Marcie satchel (with long strap) in black, which I think will be great with my wardrobe, and yet I keep wondering if I should have gone for the Pink Beige or a brown! Or if I should just get another. It's terrible!
  11. smallestforest you are so so so not alone!!! Deciding colors has got to be the hardest part and I can obsess about it. I don't know why because I have Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, etc. and I don't obsess about colors with them, I know what I want and it's simple. With Chloe, I get overwhelmed. I saw the Marcie hobo in Bark today - what a great color and I already love Cocoa, Beige, Moka and Whiskey. How do you choose just one?!
  12. Good to know that I'm not the only obsessive one! It's crazy--I want bags from several other brands, and I know exactly which colours, but with Chloe I have so much trouble deciding. I'd love a small Marcie hobo in bark! Cocoa, Whiskey, Tan, Pink Beige and the older Pale Pink are all gorgeous on the satchel, too. I went with black because I already have a Rosewood Paraty which will go with most things that the Pink Beige would, and I wear a lot of bright colours so I thought the black would be more versatile over all. It's so very tempting to get another one, though. No wonder I always end up buying Chloe even though there are so many other brands on my wish list! I probably would never even contemplate getting multiples of any other brands' bags (except maybe Balenciaga)...
  13. Everytime I get a new bag Its like taking care of a baby. I just light up everytime i look at it and I'm constantly making sure it's ok. Ohh.... I need a new bag already! I want those butterflies in my tummy when I look at it. lol.
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