Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. Yes Juda so right - even though the Miu Miu was a bargain off NAP its still a big chunk of my next 'must have' bag. I'm just still checking with NAP about return international postage costs. If I got charged the same it was to get here i.e. the NAP DHL rate that would be fine but if I have to pay the private DHL rate ......well I may as well keep it!!!

    Rowe55 - yes it was a bad case of unplanned upgrading - major upgrading!!! But at least Bal have a very high resale value. I think I am going to really like her though - don't know why I bothered pretending I would sell it!!!!

  2. Yes, Woody. I agree. Very expensive hobby.

    I feel a "ban" coming on myself. But how long does one ban themselves??? And with what kind of restrictions? Anyone???
  3. I dont mean to discourage you, but bans RARELY work or last.

    Some of us have heroically managed to stick to them for up to 4 months or so, but most of us usually give in after two or three weeks (if we are really lucky)...

    Holly Grials usually pop up as soon as you enter your ban, so they create the perfect excuse to break it.

    I have decided that i cant ban myself, so what i am doing at the moment is sticking to the rule one in-one out (more or less) in order to avoid going (totally) bankrupt.

    Anyway, i've also found that when i am broke/penniless i am less likely to buy bags since i know i'd be getting into real finantial trouble.. but the minute i manage to save up or get extra money i will be doing impulse purchases again... that will be later sold on ebay at a loss...

    There's a Chloe Ban Club that i started ages ago. We should probably revive it for a few hours!
  4. LOL - you are funny.
    I thought that you are lucky because you like shoes and shoes are less expensive than bags.
    But I just realised you have 2 addictions. So the ban will be on shoes or handbags ????
  5. maria I think you should only dream about nero BV campana. Campana is (with large veneta) my favourite BV.
    I just bought the black paraty I waited until the fall collection because Chloe boutique told me the leather would be softer and less scratch prone.
    The leather is better but there are some discolorations on the brass, I bought a bag from the pre-fall collection in June and it has some flaws.
    I am :mad: at Chloe they have the best leather but poor craftsmanship

    I know this thread is supposed to be fun but I only looked at the confessions part ;)

  6. this is so true! :goodpost:

    I've only been on my ban 2 days and I have never wanted to buy a bag so much as I do now!:P I even went into the store to have a look...I know I shouldn't have but oh it just made me want even more bags!:nuts:

    Must try and stick to my ban....

  7. Well, that's a tough one. It would have to be all of it! I shop for last season designer clothing. Mostly Stella McCartney. I have a serious Stella problem. And I'm finding one item after another that I want.
    Fortunatley most often it's not in my size. But when you find a $2,000 garment for $300, how can one pass? :biggrin:

    So yes, I'm trying to think of minimizing my purchase amounts. For example, each transaction can only be 100 GBP, or 110 €, or $150. And maybe for about 3 months. But yes, as others have pointed out- it's tough!

  8. You are so right! It seems as soon as you can't, something fabulous presents itself. Yeah, your one in-one out rule tends to be what I do as well.
    But, if I tell DH that I'm thinking of banning myself in some way, it's all over!!!
    He'll hold me to it! :lecture:
  9. I posted this in another thread by mistake ... Lack of sleep is taking a toll on me!

    Two confessions to make...
    I got my choco paraty today at noon and wanted to have a nap in the afternoon... however, i kept turning the light on to admire my new bag (strategically located on my dressing table) instead of going to sleep... i eventually fell asleep, but i swear i dreamt about the bag...

    Second confession: if i had another daughter, i would probably name her Chloe (if Muggles had another daughter, she's most likely call her Bal LOL)
  10. No idea if my future child is going to be a boy or a girl...If girl and I decide to name her Chloe...DH will kill me :roflmfao:...
    At the moment, we have some trouble talking about names :wacko::pout::noggin:...
  11. ^LOL - but Chloe is such a beautiful name! Just don't put a padlock on her.
  12. he he he- I remember this sort of fun about names!!!
    your names are the best, obviously....:graucho:
  13. I have to confess. I bought something this week... Well I bought something three times this week...:smash: STOP ME SOMEBODY!!!

    Yes, I will post pics when they arrive...
  14. kdo, Three Chloe somethings or three somethings???

    I was thinking the other day i ought to make the following confession. It only happens to me with my Chloes.
    When i am going to get into the car and put all my stuff in the passenger's seat (coat, laptop, books, etc.), it pains me to part with my Chloe bag so soon, so i go round the car to my seat feeling i am enjoying a few extra seconds of carrying the bag before leaving her on the passenger's seat with the rest of my junk... It is only a matter of a few seconds, but it makes a difference.

    Additonally, i have some bags that rattle along as i drive my car (gaucho, nikki) and it makes me very happy... i feel they are chatting and keep me company. None of my Chloe rattles, though... they'd be the perfect handbags if they did!
  15. When it suddenly starts raining, I take my coat off and wrap it around my Chloe to keep it dry... I get a lot of funny looks on the street but then again most people don't appreciate bags like I do!
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