Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. I thought it would be fun to start a little thread about "confessions". You can post more than once, but it has to be Chloe (or handbag, shoes etc.) related to stay "on topic". I'll start...

    I buy purses and just stare at them. :shame: I don't want to "mess them up" by using them. There's also that little nagging doubt about finding something I like better RIGHT after I use it and it's too late for a return.

    Your turn...
  2. Ok I only do the same thing if I'm unsure about the bag! but when I am 100% sure I wear it right away.....and now for the juicy stuff....

    whenever I get a new bag and wear it out, I stare at myself at every mirror I pass to make sure how nice the bag is....
  3. That's soooo awesome!! I can just see you checking your hot self out. ;) Ooooh, that was Juicy! :drool: I love it!!!

  4. OMG:nuts: I thought I was the only one that did this:shame: I stare at every mirror and window I pass so I can see my

    Also, when I'm out, I sit my bag in the chair and occasionally reach over and caress it(the sad thing is after I caress it I get the biggest smile).
  5. Where is everybody? :shrugs: Come on girls, spill it...your secrets are safe with me...:whistle:

    Okay, here's another...
    If I like something then I almost always buy more than one of "it".
    I have several duplicate pairs of pants/jeans in the same style. (especially if I get complimented in them). The same goes for shirts, shoes and handbags. :girlsigh:

  6. Ali, I :heart: it. :smile:
  7. When I take a beautiful bag to the office I always leave it somewhere I can admire it while I am typying or on the phone, so I keep looking at it and saying to myself "What a beautiful bag... I am so lucky"
    I also do the mirrow thing, though I try to restrain myself. But I walk around with a very big smile - I can't help beaming!
  8. Ok Here we go....

    Sometime when I get a new pair of heels, I'll walk around wearing JUST the heels to see how sexy I feel in them!!:shame:

    That's usually how I find my favorite pairs...which ever pairs I feel best in. Silly Huh?
  9. I left a restaurant carrying my sister-in-law's baby - so she grabbed my choco paddy. As I was loading her baby into the car I saw her put my bag on the bitumen/tar road. I nearly had a heart attack!
  10. imonpurseblog, I do the same thing, if I like something I want more of it in every colour possible.....but then when I do that I retract and just keep the nicest ones...

    Bellacherie, I'm glad you didn't drop your neice/nephew....
  11. and BTW, this thread idea is awesome...:tup:
    thanks imonpurseblog...:flowers:
  12. OK, i'll confess...

    I refer to my Chloe bags as "she" and "her"...:roflmfao:

    When I take my bronze paddy tote on an airplane, I keep 'her' in my lap and hug and sniff for comfort (anxious traveler here and 'she' always makes me feel better):love:

    LOL DH knows I'm nuts, but he is willing to take a hit for my bags:boxing:

  13. Hahaha - all my bags are girls too!
  14. Guilty of all the above, as well as storage. When I change bags, I return the stuffing and put them in their dustcover. I really baby my bags. I sometimes wait before carrying them, sometimes I carry them immediately, look in the mirror at the bag, etc. Definitely do the duplicate thing, my bags become families. LOL
  15. wow....I agree with all of the above statements. Good to know I am not the only one...

    My husband really has no idea how many bags I have....when he sees me with a new one, I always fall back on "I got it out of my closet this morning, are you sure you don't remember it??" :rolleyes: Truthfully he knows it is new but, what can I say?? He humors me

    Also when I have had a bad day at work...I treat myself to a new purse....and when I carry it to work I spend most of the day looking at it. Good thing I am the boss :graucho:
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