Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. I so the same thing, I'll drench myself in the rain before I get a drop on my Chloe's. I always keep a small clear bin liner in my bags, just incase of a downpour. DH's idea. :smooch:
  2. kdo - this is an incomplete confession
    maria - your few seconds more with you Chloe and your bags chatting with you - very funny :lol:
  3. My bags are my best companions while i drive... they wont interrupt when i am listening to music, will sit nicely and wont complain if i feel like doing a little bit of harmless shopping at the end of a long day (or even for a whole day!) lol
  4. Confession: I just sold 2 of my Chloe's and I'm bored with bags in general. I get bored with EVERYTHING really fast. I'm always on the hunt for that next "fix". Shoes mostly. :graucho:
    I feel like my addiction has taken control of me! :smash:
  5. addictions like this are least we its not addictive substances! LOL

    Speaking of shoes...I just got two shoes on sale from Holts including one Chloe....

    insane-maryjane, do you have any chloe left?
  6. Mona- I have one Chloe bag left (old pink Paraty). As for shoes, I have 6 pairs of Chloe's.
    So tell me, what did you buy? Or better yet-show us!!! :graucho:
  7. I can relate mary-jane to the boredom - that's why I need so many bags to rotate :smile: I can rarely use the same bag for more than 3 or 4 day max...
  8. Yeah I rotate a LOT too and I'm finding that I mostly use my newest bag the most and neglect my older bags....but I've had many regrets selling older bags.

    So for now I am neglecting a bunch of bags for the newly acquired bags....

    I hate regrets and mostly never believe in them, so maybe I should release all the older styles and stick to the new ones...knowing me, I will ALWAYS have a new love affair with the new bags.

    BTW, I got the Chloe canvas flat sandals with buckles around the ankles.
  9. phew thought i was the only one .. when i get a new bag or start using an old one it sits on my bed / bed side table cause i just want to look at it ! i also check my bag out in window reflection AND much to my daughters discust my bags ride in passenger seat in front and she s in the back haha.

  10. You're so funny! Sometimes I think my items too become more eye-candy than purposeful things. Then when the eye-candy gets to be old-candy......... *bay here I come! ;)
  11. Confession - I am currently cheating on Chloe with Fendi... I am absolutely smitten with the Fendi Spy at the moment, am still in love with Chloe, but sharing the love a little these days...

    Who have you all been cheating on Chloe with ??? :love:
  12. I own 3 Spys so far...:shame:
    and some Marc Jacobs...some Pradas...a Muse II...:whistle:
  13. I am 100% loyal to my cheating yet anyway, and I am guessing I won't anytime soon. I've got a nice collection that keeps me quite *satisfied* thus no temptation at all. Nothing has lured me away from my Chloe! She is the BEST.
  14. Have not cheated yet. Totally in love with Chloe designs. Though I have wanted a Miu Miu coffer in lambskin and a Balenciaga Giant City, I always ended up spending the money on a Chloe. So love the Chloe that whenever it rains, I ended up going out with my LV speedy instead.
  15. I'm also addicted to Mulberry and spend much of my time in the Mulberry subforum. I have lately fallen in love with Bottega Veneta (got my first - a Paille large Veneta in May:love:) and Alexander Wang (Donna, Diego and Rocco). Marc jacobs is another brand I can see myself spending money on.. (and a Bal City or Day at some point). But my love for my Chloés are not any less:smile:
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