Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. Had my Céline Big Bag with me in a Starbucks with Christmas feel... can’t help but taking a pic...
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  2. I'm in the midst of rearranging the photos. I had already planned to share them with you including the "behind-the-scenes" work for our "glorified" camping trip. So that you know what to expect in future.
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  3. This bag is a beauty! I love its size, design details and look. It has a slight architectural feel to it. The leather looks wonderful too.
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  4. Cheating with Longchamp again, such a grab-and-go bag.
    But SLG’s are always BV — Canard lanyard and Helios card case:heart:

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  5. Always love seeing a Longchamp.
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  6. Cheating with Dior and Chanel. 20181215_170857.jpg
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  7. 050897CE-FA6F-4C18-9227-F45206D25104.jpeg BC7FB11F-676C-4E64-926F-21186614642A.jpeg 39484409-1819-43DC-934E-C13C592415DE.jpeg 39484409-1819-43DC-934E-C13C592415DE.jpeg BC7FB11F-676C-4E64-926F-21186614642A.jpeg 050897CE-FA6F-4C18-9227-F45206D25104.jpeg I have cheated with YSL.
    This bag I have bought instead of the BV Alumna bag. It‘s more casual and the colour is very versatile. I love it very much!
  8. Black Elsa Peretti clutch.
  9. Beautiful Taupe. The silhouette is minimalist and clean. Enjoy in good health!
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  10. Chloe Marcie, in a Barolo kind of color (called Burnt Brown in the Chloe world but looks more Burgundy than brown). Here she is hard at work in the office :smile: Chloe.jpg
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  11. Have always loved this bag. Gorgeous.
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  12. Love the Marcie!
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  13. Thank you! I always admired it from afar, but I when I saw it at Neiman in this color, I could not resist. I am surprised how much I like it! Its fit a lot, but does not look bulky, my things stayed organized inside and its light despite the hardware! I may get it in other colors. LOL
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  14. Me too! Did not know how much until I got this beauty!
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  15. I feel the same way, that bag always makes me smile.