Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. This past weekend was one of those rare weekends that I was home in London. As you may know, I have been traveling a fair bit for work recently and am suffering from organisational problems (try carrying around a briefcase, a handbag, a carry-on and answer the phone at the same time!).

    So a combination of the high of being back in London and the itch for a new bag made me buy a chanel baby coco cabas and an LV 45cm keepall (will use it for the gym as well as traveling). How does this tie in with the BV forum? It doesn't really, I just felt a bit guilty, as if I've cheated on you all! On the plus side, I have received at least one compliment every day I wore my noce veneta this Summer. Kinda bummed that my limo tote hardly received any comments though - retiring the limo for now, noce looks better with a tan (yes I did manage to squeeze in two days on the beach). Bacio to everyone x
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  2. Everyone I'm sure has different bags in their collection. I, for one, forgive you for straying ;)

    No limo tote props, eh? I wonder why...I love almost everything in that color.
  3. 20 lashes with a Nero intrecciato whip.

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  4. I cheated tooo... its ok ebruo I know how u feel.. heheh:girlsigh: I caught the B-bug.. :Push:
  5. Ok, shame on you :shocked: but I forgive you... just as soon as you post those pictures we're still waiting for! Your BV bags, shoes, clutch etc etc etc.

    And, for punishment, go get something BV from the NAP sale NOW. See, it's a light sentence - it's on sale. :rolleyes:
  6. Well, the Baby Coco Cabas is a pretty neat bag, but your BV's were probably feeling hurt and neglected.:sad:

    Limo is a subtle color so it probably doesn't grab people's attention the way some others do. Noce would show off the intrecciato so well, it would draw compliments. I still love Limo, tho.
  7. :busted

    I think ms piggy's sentence is a fab one! e, you should def get something - anything from BV to make up for your "cheating"!
  8. my confession....I cheated, too! Despite my love for
    bv a chloe edith bag in whisky jumped out at me from the nm sale rack recently so my bv is on break...i think of it as the bag is "summering" somewhere!
  9. Bag promiscuity runs rampant around here - I'm guilty of it myself. We all succumb to the lure of something new and different to hang on our shoulder and surreptitiously pet....
  10. :devil: Sounds like an appropriate punishment!
  11. Oooh! Great punishment ideas, never realised I could be into s&m!
    I am in the cab on the way to the airport as we type and have to confess the LV keepall looks Packed my noce veneta in my suitcase.
  12. I think we all have cheated at one point. Congrats on your Chanel and LV. Have a safe trip!
  13. How about not watching Mr. Ramsey on TV for the next for weeks to endure what your BVs are experiencing right now, seeing another bag on your shoulder, being abandoned while you caress your new goodies? :lol:

    No, seriously, I love the Coco Cabas and the Keepall is perfectly sized in a 45, so congrats on your haul! Enjoy them!
  14. ^ :yes:. LV damier azur speedy - just couldn't help (well present from my parents for passing my PhD defence).

    but also got a BV on the way so all is good. :smile:
  15. Aw, that's ok I'm sure we all cheat to some degree! I actually want my next bag to be either a BV veneta or tod's(d or t bag). Still trying to decide for now!