Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. i totally would, too!! :lol:
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  2. Cheating today with my one and only Chanel...
  3. My first time seeing this style by Chanel. It looks soft, luxurious and easy to wear.
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  4. Its called the "on the road hobo", I love the fact that its not as structured as so many of the Chanel bags are.
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  5. Yes! That's what I like about it too. The classic structured style can look more formal. My lifestyle definitely prefers this softer style.
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  6. 1546594901862.jpeg
    Cheating with Chanel too... this caviar WOC is very handy - very versatile and resilient! Inspired by my friend, I carry her for my year end vacation to Bali and I am very happy that I do that!
  7. Phiomega- you paired the chain wallet very well with your attire. Gorgeous!
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  8. Thank you! She works really well with casual outfit apparently...
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  9. You are looking great! Happy smiles. Enjoy your vacay. A WOC is perfect for vacations.
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  10. This Chanel looks so nice and soft. I have been looking for such bag... really a bag that can go with anything and elevate things. I can feel I am now gravitating a bit towards Chanel esp given the direction BV is taking... Chanel now is amongst the very few that still maintain the classic feel (sadly)...
  11. It is quite soft, although nothing like either Bal or BV. Totally different feel to it. I do see the odd Chanel that I'd like to have, all hobo styles...I'm not big on structured bags at all.
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  12. I believe fellow BVette will appreciate this one. Some of you know that I have appreciation to not only international brands, but also interesting local brands with style and quality. This is one of them.

    I accidentally found this amazing bag when I walked along a shopping street (Seminyak area) in Bali in a hot afternoon. I spent an hour in the boutique - amazing leather quality and got out with this amazing bag:

    The leather is lambskin and oh-so-buttery! And the craftsmanship is so good - look at the gold tone leatherwork in the middle. I also bought a pouch for my Pursefriend and also a pair of shoes with similar tone with the bag. It is so good. Name of the brand is Lilla Lane, apparently they also have a boutique in Singapore.

    I have only worn it once - very light and buttery. Time will tell whether the quality is real, but it was about USD160 for a great lambskin bag with good craftsmanship..!
  13. Coquelicot Bal Town today

  14. I cheated (again) with my Octogone clutch earlier today.....yes, I’m wearing a sleeveless wool coat on a rainy day. (I never claimed to be practical....).
  15. Nevermind about being non practical... cos you look absolutely stunning, not to mention stylish of course.
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