Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. My very own Christmas gift box from myself

    It is a classic piece and I fell for the color and hardware combination. Definitely a different kind of classic compared to BV.

    Though I plan to open it on Xmas eve, can’t help sharing the box because it is so beautifully done. The camellia is really pretty!

    Pls bear with the mystery....
  2. Beautifully wrapped present. I'm enjoying the teasing. Can't wait to see what you got!
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  3. Oooooo, can’t wait!!
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  4. I own the same bag - the only work bag I am not even thinking about exchanging for a BV!
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  5. Opened my Xmas gift and used her already!

    First is the dust bag...
    View attachment 4288176

    Love the Coco Chanel sketch here - so nicely done - by Lagerfeld I am guessing...
    View attachment 4288177

    And here is the one that stole my heart - presenting my Chanel Reissue 2.55 in metallic grey with matte gold hardware!
    View attachment 4288179

    I know I said before that Chanel did not fit my lifestyle yet. But I was in the mood for a nice Xmas present for myself as I have worked very hard especially the past half a year. And I always love classic shapes with an edge, and understated luxury in general.

    Then two weeks ago I decided that I want a ‘dressy classic’ bag that is not a WOC because I think I have enough work bag already - not a party bag, more like something I can carry on a Friday to the office or when I went out shopping with friends. After visiting all the boutiques, I found that only either Dior (the black studded Diorama was so nice) or Chanel fits this bill. To be fully open, I was also not very inspired by the latest BV designs - so no danger of temptation in the near future from BV!

    After looking at a number of bags with multiple visits, I settle on this Chanel Reissue. Reissue fits my preference for ‘understated luxury’ and the color/hardware combo is very beautiful without being over the top. I have used her three times - for a family wedding, Xmas service, and Xmas celebration - and it still comes as a surprise that I LOVE her a lot! It is quite light and roomy for a small bag. Definitely not the soft BV, but an edgy classic that fits me!
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  6. Sorry the pic did not come up right...
  7. These are the coolest Ugg boots ever. Can’t wait to wear them later today.
  8. Love it! I’m a big fan of flashy Uggs! This was my look at my work Christmas lunch... Kids always stare at my sparkly Uggs
  9. I’m with you. The flashier the better. Nordstrom sells these on line in silver, black, and gold.
  10. Classic design and I agree with you that the Reissue looks more understated. Perfect addition to your collection. What a great gift to yourself!
  11. Thank you! She is indeed aligned with my understated luxury theme - I think I can use her for casual outing too!
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  12. I wish I live in cold climate and can wore the cool silver boots! LOVE your boots =D
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  13. Definitely. I can see her pairing well with jeans and tee. The logo hardware on the Reissue is discreet, which is what I prefer as well. As always, you chose well.
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  14. lovely pressies, and Happy holidays to all, but @Hershey'sKisses your necklace steals my heart!!!! SOOO CUUUUTE!!!! :hbeat:
  15. Thank you! It lights up, too! I wore out the batteries from wearing it so much!
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