Come see my customized St Louis GM! ***pics***

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  1. Fresh indeed, congrats!
  2. Wow.. it's stunning. I love how the green accents the bag.:nuts:
    How much does customizing with innitials cost?
  3. Love it and it looks great on you. Thanks for sharing and big congrats!!
  4. Thank you so much scholastican, maxmara and Longchamp! Everyone in the Goyard sub is so sweet :blush:

    maxmara, it's $155 for initials (I think you can get up to 4 letters for that price) and $155 for stripes, on one side. You can pay more to have it done on both sides and underneath.
  5. very nice !!
  6. Gorgeous! Looks great on you. Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! I love the combo and it looks great on you :tup:
  8. i am loving the orange!!

  9. Thanks so much hambisyosa, BAL_fanatic and bextasy!

    Louis&Mark, the orange is really lovely. A tad darker than Hermes orange. I came really close to getting it!
  10. LOVE it! Love the jumbo organizer too!
  11. :nuts: Love it! Your customized St. Louis is gorgeous! Congrats, it looks great on you!
  12. Love it! I'm thinking of getting a white soon... not sure if I want to get another St. Louis though...
  13. ilovefinethings - I'm trying the bag with the organizer inside and without it - I love how it looks without it (slouchier and more casual) but since it's so big the organizer does make it easier to find things...

    Thank you weekend shopper!

    googalee - I think you should add more to your growing Goyard collection.....why stop now? :graucho:You can use a St Louis in every color!
  14. I can't get over how pretty the color of your organizer is, where did you get? TIA!
  15. ^ It's from Purse to Go, I ordered it directly from them but you can also get them on eBay:

    Size-wise, I think the extra jumbo is best for the St Louis GM, and the jumbo is good for the PM.
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