Come see my customized St Louis GM! ***pics***

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  1. It took 5 weeks but it's finally here, please wave hello to my new white St Louis GM! :yahoo:

    I went into Barneys planning to get yellow without customization, but the white just looked so fresh. And the white background was begging for customization. As you can see I went for super-preppy colors :P Since I live in LA, I'm hoping to carry it year-round.

    I love my Neverfull MM because it's so light and easy to carry, and I hope this will be too! ;)

    First photo, without flash:

    Now, with flash:
  2. Closeup of initials:


    Here's the inside, with my purse to go organizer (extra jumbo size):
  3. And finally, some "modeling" shots (term used loosely LOL) - for reference, I'm 5'5", size 2/4:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. That is super-preppy, there's no denyin' that! :graucho:

    Good choice! :woohoo:
  5. Love it!!! Great choice.
  6. Luv it, congrats!

    I'd love to have a thread with all of our ideas, that would be a great reference!

    I'm waiting for mine to come in too!
  7. Thanks BadRomance! Yep, all it's missing is a little green alligator:lol:

    bethc, what did you get customized? Looking forward to seeing it!
  8. ^^ I just bought a Whilte GM as well... mine will similiar to yours (I think), except I used rasberry/violet colors... also I didn't want to use my initials (BC), so I just have one big "B"... we'll see, it looked nice on paper!!
  9. perfect divine perfect in all sense truly i have no words ! im waiting on the same bag different personalization ! but yours is divine
  10. OMG...I LOVE IT! Your bag looks awesome, and great modeling shots girl! You are rocking that bag!

    Mine should be back tomorrow or Tuesday, and I totally agree about customizing the white:smile: I got black and silver on mine with one big "A" on it instead of my initials as well....if I love it, I am going to order the black on black GM (my white is the PM) with some painting for my winter tote as well:smile:
  11. Thank you damierlover and birkel!

    bethc and ryrybaby12, I can't wait to see your white GMs too! I honestly don't think there's a custom color combo that wouldn't look great against white. The waiting is the hardest part, isn't it? :sweatdrop:
  12. WOW! Gorgeous! I like your choice of colours!
  13. LOVE it, congrats!!!! jeez, i am dying for a white GM, but i'm just too petite, i'm only 5'3" and it hangs down so far on my body, below my hips/booty, so it just dwarfs look amazing and not at all "dwarfed" like i do....FAB!
  14. I love the colors! It's like an RL preppy, not Lilly Pulitzer southern preppy, which I find so great and fresh. Enjoy it! You'll def be toting it all year round :smile:
  15. I'm so glad it finally arrived! :woohoo:

    Wear it well, friend.
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