Come see my customized St Louis GM! ***pics***

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  1. Thanks so much!!! :smile::biggrin:
  2. I loove your bag!
    She's made me happy about ordering a GM over a PM too
  3. OMG gorgeous gorgeous bag!

  4. "K"... after going back and forth.. for the last 2months.. seeing your pics and Trishaluvslv's pics.. I bit the bullet and phoned ordered a GM Bordeaux from Barneys.. :nuts: How are you still lovin it?
  5. oogie you did it, woo hoo! I can't wait to see it!! Did you get any customization on it?

    I'm in major love with my St Louis, so much so that now I want a PM to replace my Neverfull MM so I can have a GM/PM set like you now have!! I don't find the GM to be too big but from time to time I want to travel light so I was thinking the PM would round things out...

    Congrats again on your new GM and please please post pics when you get it my friend!
  6. No customization on it.. I can't bear the thought of having to wait almost a month for it again.. LOL. No patience here --> :wacko:

    I was the complete opposite.. I wanted a throw around bag.. that would look good once it was "broken in" lol

    I sense a St. Louis PM in the near future for you... hehe :graucho: What color?
  7. Dude. I am THE most impatient person, sometimes overnight shipping seems like it takes too long so you know I was majorly sweating the 4 - 6 week window! But the beauty of Goyard is that the bags look just as beautiful with or without customization, they're just different looks. So I don't think you'll feel like you're missing anything by not customizing, especially since your PM is customized :graucho:

    If I get a PM I want yellow, without customization. Makes me happy just looking at it :balloon:

    Congrats again, I can't wait to see it! When's it supposed to arrive?
  8. Thanks K... didn't mean to hi-jack your thread!

    Seriously.. overnight shipping.. means it'll be delivered right before the work day ends in the late afternoon.... after an entire day of waiting.. LOL. :P

    I ordered it late this afternoon, so it probably wont ship till tomorrow. So maybe Wednesday? :biggrin:

    Yellows such a pretty color... nice pOp of color without being over the top. Plus, it's a nice year round color where we live.. :sunshine:
  9. Seriously, the wait for K to get her customized bag was so long I thought I was going to go crazy!

    Oogie--can't wait to see your new bag!! I'm an instant gratification girl, just like you. BTW, are you not liking your zippe wallet??

  10. Hey Chica~! Instant gratification.. lol. I wish everything was like that~! The Zippe PM Wallet.. I like the size.. but I'm having issues using it.. lol. I've been grabbing my LV or Bal wallet. So it's been sitting in my closet after a week of use... (slaps forehead). So I'm hoping it'll help fund the GM.. lol.
  11. OK is there anyone who ISN'T into instant gratification?! That's why it's so hard for me to be disciplined about my bag habit :shucks:

    Sorry the wallet didn't work out for you, I was just admiring that style last time I was in Barneys. But, if it's not perfect for you, better to let it go and get something a GM :graucho:

    Hoping that GM gets here soon, can't wait to see that baby!!
  12. The GM will be more fun to use anyway...;)

    We need to do a Goyard outing at SCP soon!
  13. ^^ We def. need to~!! The Bordeaux St. Louis GM has landed!! Barneys actually left out the Suite #.. so it was delivered downstairs by mistake... Good thing I called and checked the tracking! It was a frustrating 30 min knowing someone.. in our office complex might've been totting around the Goyard.. Lol.~! I'll take pics over the weekend :smile: The GM's a nice size.. not as giant as I made it out to be~! Def. fits over the shoulder better than PM. :P
  14. Oooooo I can't wait to see it! I'm glad to hear it's not too big for you. Please post pics stat! Congrats!!
  15. Lovely!
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